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Yellow… what goes up must come down… #GlastoBlues

10 years this year 10 YEARS!!!

Its up there in one of my top 10  mind-blowing moments at Glasto!

Coldplay dont do it so much for me theses days, but watching this video, seeing the crowd shots, knowing I was sat on Harry’s shoulders by the sound stage crying because I was so overwhelmed, Feeling an enormous amount of love for the friends we were with, a gratifying love for the music and best of all  knowing WE were in this moment  (while so many people were watching it on telly). IT TRULY WAS MAGICAL

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Glasto – From Beer to Babies and so much more…

Its April and the Glasto Planning has started! As well assessing the weather predictions (rain by the way), we’ve also been assessing our plans now the kids are a bigger this year !

Since 2000 Come rain or shine (or children), we make our pilgrimage for 5 days of festivaling at the greatest festival in the world. Not even an emergency C-section stopped me going last year (see my Glastonbury Festival with new born baby story here). 

Last year,  5 days after Arabella made her dramatic entrance to the world, we found ourselves pitched up in the family field (Having been escorted on site by a very nice steward via the main farm – we even saw Michael Evis in his jeep!)  Anyway, there we were in 30 degrees heat ready for 5 days of fun in the sun!

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