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This is the end… and the beginning..

I’m leaving
Time to let it go
ūüė¶ Booo
I’ve found a better place to play
ūüôā YAY!
Wanna come with me??
Come join the party over here
All my love
Lou Lou xxx



A blog especially for those ‘GIVERS’ out there


We have all had times in life when we feel really disappointed with someone, a friend, lover, a family member,  work colleague, where you feel used, cheated, let down, rejected, dishonored or deceived.

You give your time, your¬†energy,¬†your love or even your heart and for what?¬†for ¬†pain, hurt, frustration , annoyance, anger or disappointment! …where’s the fairness in that?

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Wake up I tell you just wake up

I feel asleep early, and woke up with the intense need to connect and write

… And the words just came – as they do more and more these days, especially as I’ve had a massively conscious and energy sensitive day of blissed out moments, so my words surprised me – they are so passionate and frustrated – this was a shout to the world (and my lower-self) … from my heart

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Reiki Workshops, Conscious Awareness & Law of Attraction Mentoring with Louise Carron Harris

I work with people from all walks of life from Entrepreneurs and Celebrities to mums juggling families and those who are struggling with bereavement, illness or blockages in life and looking to refocus and find balance. I combine the healing and energising power of Reiki, alongside Natural Law of Attraction meditations and 1-2-1 mentoring to help people create positive change on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

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The mind grip

Yesterday I had one of the hardest days in a long time to test my vibration of happiness… Ironically this happened within 24 hours of launching the How to be Fucking Happy Facebook page!

That morning I was on my usual high vibe, woke up dancing round the kitchen to good tunes, FaceTime with best friend during frantic school rush, and headed off to work with a buzz on … life was great and I was really feeling the flow.

Just before lunch time, I received a Facebook message from My little brother asking me if I was ok. It was all very random to be honest and i knew there was something up with him. I eventually got hold of him on the phone and managed to drag it out of him.

Now I can safely say My Baby Bro does not buy into any of my hippy shit.  He is a science loving, number crunching practical thinking kinda guy,  however when he woke yesterday morning all the science and logic went out the window.

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I don’t feel like I’m falling, I’m up against the sky…

And on this beautiful Sunday, I am¬†conscious¬†that the weight of my love carry’s a deep awareness¬†of ¬†a very high price… Pain.

‘The knowing’ ¬†that one day, at the end of the¬†journey¬†there will always be an element of¬†grief and loss -A risk I take just so I can touch the center of the universe & experience all that is.

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I can sing a rainbow

This morning I had a ‘moment’ when I went¬†out of the office for a walk and everyone I passed smiled back at me. ¬†As the rain started, the huge drops ¬†hit my face and I felt this huge release, ¬†like the rain was washing away the self-doubt that had begun to set into my mind over the past few days.

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Be open to the words that guide you. 21DaysOfGratitude 7-12 /21

(Want to join in 21 days of Gratitude ‚Äď find out more here)

3 new daily things to be grateful for, Exercise, meditation and random acts of kindness

Its been a challenge to incorporate the journal into my ¬†blog for fear of it becoming ever so slightly¬†boring¬†for you!!! ¬†I figure if you wanted to¬†know¬†my every move you could just subscribe to my¬†Facebook feed, which I update like, every second!! And when my daily quota for that has been used up, I normally start filling up my Twitter account!! ūüėČ

(I do use my Facebook as a journal and by the way I LOVE Timeline Рjust saying!)

The past week was action packed with lots of ¬†fun. As usual, I get overwhelmed with thoughts of ¬†‘I’m just so bloody lucky’.

This week I’ve been getting more and more spiritual lightbulbs going off – ¬†I’m blown away with moments where I feel that the Universe (or god, whatever you call that energy) is guiding and leading me to thoughts of clarity. Recently I will admit, there have been times when I have questioned ¬†that little voice in my head, ¬†wondering if its¬†intuition¬†or just mentalness!!! ūüôā¬†I’m hoping it’ll become more and more¬†obvious in time – however, for now the words that ring in my head right are¬†Be open to the words that guide you, ¬†be accepting and go with the good flow.

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Pensive day 6/21 #21DaysOfGratitude

(Want to join in 21 days of Gratitude ‚Äď find out more here)

I had one of those pensive days, where I was consumed with sorting out a problem, I was head down in emails although my eyes were stuck in a permanent gaze looking out the  kitchen window!

I worked from home on my own so there is always a distinct lack of outside energy to ride on when you’re fuel tank is a bit low.

Of course a very good meditation would have helped put me onto another frequency and I should have stepped outside out of the 4 walls of my home and engaged in some nature and conversation, but sometimes its easier to listen to the little monster on my shoulder that was permitting me into wallowing!

Its annoying and we all get it. I’d say 99% of the time I can fight that little monsters voice – The only time i struggle is during¬†exercise (I cant go on, I cant go on – that voice!!!). ¬†Today the bouncy Tigger on my other shoulder ¬†gave up¬†bouncing today and curled up into a cat ball and fell asleep knowing I just had to ride this one out today!

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