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Reiki Workshops, Conscious Awareness & Law of Attraction Mentoring with Louise Carron Harris

I work with people from all walks of life from Entrepreneurs and Celebrities to mums juggling families and those who are struggling with bereavement, illness or blockages in life and looking to refocus and find balance. I combine the healing and energising power of Reiki, alongside Natural Law of Attraction meditations and 1-2-1 mentoring to help people create positive change on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

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baby steps – don’t move the goal posts! #21DaysOfGratitude 5/21

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“Baby steps Lou,  baby steps”. It’s what my mind whispers to me when its quiet. It says, look back and join up the dots, then you will you see where you have come from  –  THEN you will truly know what you have achieved. (that’s meditation for ya!)

It’s the subtle moves, the baby steps , the journey of our life, work, AND  relationships that is the real joy! When our goal focused  tunnel vision sets in, we miss the fun bits, the ride of OUR LIFE!

We forget to love the little things as intensely as we love the goal.. and then things get a little bit confused and we feel  disheartened!

See the growth of  the seeds that you have planted. I plant seeds everyday, without even really thinking about it. Then they grow and I rarely (and I mean this)  congratulate myself on what I have achieved! How sad is that? I don’t just mean in terms of work – I mean people, ideas, things I do, things I make, emails and messages I send. All those seeds that I Grow and never acknowledge / say well done to myself?!

Often when we do reach a  big goal, it’s a bit of an anti climax! Mainly because we’ve missed actually achieving it. OR we’re already looking for the next goal. OR if you’re like me, you get there but you’ve subconsciously just  moved the goal posts so you dont ever think you’ve actually achieved it  –  derrrr!!!! So the gratifying love for yourself  for having achieved  is, well… lost!  THAT’S NO GOOD, WHATS THE FUCKING POINT IN THAT THEN ?  🙂

So today’s wisdom was  –   Just roll with it, enjoy those moments, don’t force anything,  put your energy into what you love. What truly is meant to be will love you back and reward you with the same intensity that you love and deserve.   Continue reading

Radio, Reiki and Run.. #21DaysOfGratitude 4/21

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Wrap up the real chapters in your life so WHEN you die you are remembered for who you are & NOT who people thought you were!” … This comes from knowing all too well that many people hide their true selves behind their avatar. When they die no one gets to see the real greatness of who they really were and the purpose of their life – this leads me to say – YES, i am aware i make a million spelling mistakes and typos,  that i mix business with pleasure, that i am loud, noisy and that i swear way too much – but i am who I am and i don’t really want to hide it – just for this reason.!

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