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The cave of darkness and wonder


To reach the heights of the profound and beautiful I had to follow my heart into the the cave of darkness and face my hidden fears. Between Septembers Equinox and tomorrows winter solstice has brought to me the biggest levels of personal growth to date.

I have learned to travel to the darkest depths of my inner cave where the sun does not shine.

For someone who fly’s so high all the time, floating just below the clouds, who naturally runs off an unusual amount of serotonin, who sees the world through rose tinted glasses, who is so laid back about life nothing bothers her, who jumps out of bed and sings to the moon …this was a tough journey to CHOOSE to take!!!

To chose to follow my heart where pain was inevitable, to hear my guides whispering ‘my darling things need to be addressed before you can move on’ and do something about it is a bit like having to complete the level on supermario land before you can get to the next level!

BUT who wants to go to a place where negative feelings, sadness, and past hurts have been stored? NOT ME!  It was like walking into a Pandoras box – I would lay there at night doing Reiki on myself and rather than going to ‘the land of magical wonder’ I would go to ‘the cave of hell’ –  but it was safe, because I could feel that this was right, something telling me this was what needed to happen.

I visited this place over and over again in the past few months. Every time I come back to Lou Lou land, I am stronger, wiser, and happier.  I’M FREE!

I learned to face and heal old wounds, sit in the pain and learn about who I really am, why I am, and hear why it is my inner guide is trying to say to me. I finally learned to listen to myself and not ignore anything that actually hurts, I have finally learned how to make decisions that are right for me, even if they hurt at first.

I have learned that I am responsible for my own happiness, and I am not responsible for other peoples happiness.

I have learned that ignoring negative feelings is destructive and its ok to be sad, and when we acknowledge this sadness and face it, we  go on a discovery and find the true roots and heal and move on


Its been such a beautiful journey, in so many ways I feel my intuition is so alive its incredible more powerful than ever.. and i was pretty powerful before this journey, so now i feel ALIVE.. SO SO ALIVE

My reason for sharing is because I am open with the good and the bad, the ying and the yang…

I know I am a blissed out fairy floating in the flow of life, and have it good, i have creative a very beautiful world for myself ,  but I want to share with you that we all have dark time and that’s ok.  If we are not challenged then we will not grown.

The biggest and bravest choice is to be truthful with yourself and who you are and face what sometimes we don’t want to face… its ok to feel bad, there is no point in faking a smile – NEVER FAKE WHO YOU ARE.. just take the time and love for yourself fix whats going on inside and deal with it in a soft and gentile and positive way.

You gotta be true to yourself kids so you can grow xxxxxxxx love and light to you – wishing you all time to heal and love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On this note I would like  to say… i have the most wonderful husband who has been so supportive of my transformation, who just hangs out with me and allows me to just be still – real oak tree, and i have learned so much from his stillness  = he sent me this song the other day and its such a great track i love the lyrics .. he said i would!!

‘You can get lost in the music for hours, honey,
You can get lost in a room.
We can play music for hours and hours
But the sun’ll still be coming up soon.

The world’s not forgiving
Of everyone’s fears.
The days turn into months, the months turn into years.
So just for the moment, let’s be still’


I don’t feel like I’m falling, I’m up against the sky…

And on this beautiful Sunday, I am conscious that the weight of my love carry’s a deep awareness of  a very high price… Pain.

‘The knowing’  that one day, at the end of the journey there will always be an element of grief and loss -A risk I take just so I can touch the center of the universe & experience all that is.

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Expect the unexpected: Part 1

This is the soundtrack that was playing in my head just after the drama unfolded

Now, normally when I don’t blog, it’s because I’m having such a good time I just can’t fit it in…. or get over excited half write a blog and then … ooh look a squirrel! (hence the 20 odd half written blogs you’re yet to see)

I wanna keep this as short as possible because I think I’m going to write a few short blogs in regards to the roller coaster these past couple of  month have been…

All I was doing was waiting outside the shop for my husband!!  

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Someone To Watch Over Me

Had a lovely moment this morning. I was thinking I needed a bit of guidance as I was feeling unfocused and that always stirs an attack of the guilts! So I consulted my cards! (it’s the inner hippy in me!!) I was drawn to changing the music and let go of all my materialistic work related goals for the moment…

I put on an old playlist, and on pops Ella Fitzgerald – Someone To Watch Over Me.  I smiled and though ‘yes I just need a sign that someone is watching over me, helping to guide me on my decisions for today’. I tuned it up, feeling comforted by this lovely old song I found myself walking towards the window. Just that second my little Robin friend flew into the garden. I havent seen him for a month or so, and today he put on a real display ensuring I knew he was there… and once again I was brought to tears as the lyrics echoed in my heart

I know this hippy dippy gushy blog wont resonate with most… BUT for a few I know you’ll get it!

“Tell me, where is the shepherd for this lost lamb?”

“I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood, I know I could, always be good, To one who’ll watch over me”

Celestine Prophecy

The Celestine Prophecy was one of the very first books that set me on a spiritual quest.  I will admit I was young (about 19/ 20 ) and naive  – I did in fact think it was true (until the last few chapters!)

The lessons are fantastic and I’m very grateful for having read it at that time in my life.

The other day a work colleague stopped by the studio while I was doing the New Music discovery Show. He said he was just passing,  heard my voice on the radio and decided to pop in and say Hi.  It was random, but very lovely. I ended up telling him all about what had been going on with me  – and he gave be a bit of advice – Actually – a lot of advice!

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#21daysofgratitude – what to do

Get on a better vibe.
Join our #21daysofgratitude.
 For 21 days log a daily journal, log 3 NEW things you’re grateful for AND participate in daily meditation, exercise & random acts of kindness.
Share your journey with others by sharing your experiences on my blog for the next 21 days.
For those who tweet share thoughts using #21daysofgratitude (or just keep it private) but do let me know how you’re getting on.
 The idea is that within 21 days you’ll have rewired your way of thinking for the positive and not only will maintain true happiness, you’ll also be as powerful as superman (well maybe! i dunno!! – try it 🙂
but its all good, and its a great thing to try out…
may the force be with you young Jedi’s

shhhh the universe is listening…


June’s been ‘one of those months’ where its crazy busy all the time and everything that can possibly eat money has done so ..and in vast quantities!! Its been a ‘trying month’ and has tested my strength in trusting the universe. I hear my PA going ‘shhhh Louise don’t talk about it all,  the universe is listening’ and as silly as it might sound – she’s got a point. Since her wise words,  I’ve been rolling with whatever June has to offer – what can get done will get done and money comes when it’s needed.

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Glasto – From Beer to Babies and so much more…

Its April and the Glasto Planning has started! As well assessing the weather predictions (rain by the way), we’ve also been assessing our plans now the kids are a bigger this year !

Since 2000 Come rain or shine (or children), we make our pilgrimage for 5 days of festivaling at the greatest festival in the world. Not even an emergency C-section stopped me going last year (see my Glastonbury Festival with new born baby story here). 

Last year,  5 days after Arabella made her dramatic entrance to the world, we found ourselves pitched up in the family field (Having been escorted on site by a very nice steward via the main farm – we even saw Michael Evis in his jeep!)  Anyway, there we were in 30 degrees heat ready for 5 days of fun in the sun!

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Dealing with negative people

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” ~Dalai Lama

Ok, so we all know that positive people create positive lives, and negative people dig themselves a hole of misery and blame the world! You can try to help, listen to their problems, take on their worries, offer soloutions, ideas and advice. However, you can take the horse to water BUT you can’t make it drink!  So what do you do?  You’ve tried,  you’ve put your energy in, you’ve given your time,  you’ve helped as much as you can –  but they don’t drink!

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Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Today I am allowing you to let go for 4.38 minutes… ready?

Listen Here – Telepopmusik – Breathe

Be free, just for a moment. Give something to yourself, free yourself of your worries, let go just for just a few minutes, just breathe, look out the window, smile, listen to your breath and… just breathe.

Just breathe…

I love this song, for nearly 10 years its lifted my soul and popped me back in a happy place.

Have a wonderful day xxxxx