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“Love thy neighbour” If you cant do that, then try this…


This is a guest post from one of my long time friends Bec… she called me the other day to tell me what she had been up to, I laughed so hard that i asked her to guest post… here is her story:

So this weekend has been eventful!
I was accused by the neighbour talking about her in my back garden and had the police called on me.

Serious crime I know – stand aside murderers, gangs and drug pushers! ….

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I don’t feel like I’m falling, I’m up against the sky…

And on this beautiful Sunday, I am conscious that the weight of my love carry’s a deep awareness of  a very high price… Pain.

‘The knowing’  that one day, at the end of the journey there will always be an element of grief and loss -A risk I take just so I can touch the center of the universe & experience all that is.

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Celestial buzz -The Road to Enlightenment! Part 1

(6 months on from the last blog post – January 2013)


After amazing cuddle with my family, I opened the curtains and there was the best sight ever!  A bright blue  Sunday sky and a golden orb of Winter sun ! So utterly refreshing. This was going to be a special day

The sun shines on everything and brings the most welcome sense of release. I put on this track loud and dance round the house in my PJS as we cook breakfast.

I was light I had spread my wings. I was ready to fly.

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Expect the unexpected part 7. The End – And the Beginning !

By the Full Blue Moon I had begun to heal physically & emotionally.  8 weeks on,   it was now  time to climb out of the hole.

Grateful for the experience of it all – the emotions, the lessons, the growth, the empathy for others, the insight –  I was now ready to come back to me…

As I looked back and remembered the enlightened moments I had on the door step,  the sounds of Orbitals Belfast ranging in my ears. I looked up to the sky,  then looked to my phones flight radar app. She was off –  my best friend was off to start a new life

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Expect the unexpected – part 6

  For the next few weeks I sunk into another deep depression,  I had never experienced such lows before and it was scary. I just couldn’t pull myself out of it. I felt abandoned by closes friends and disappointed by family members – and I closed the door on the world. No one really knew what I was going through other than my husband and my best friend.

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Expect the unexpected – part 4

All I remember for the next few days was sinking somewhere I had never been before.

My mom had to take 3 days off work and come help – Harry’s work was stacking up and the pressure was on – and it was fucking annoying I couldn’t do anything – physically or emotionally.

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expect the unexpected part 3

I hurt, I really hurt.  I was unable to get myself out of bed without Harry lifting me gently and me wincing with pain – I was simply unable to do anything!

After years of meditation I naturally take very long deep breaths, but at this point I was unable to breathe anything more than  1-2 seconds before the pain kicked in! It was a horrid feeling and this was sort of  getting me down and on top of that the kids wanted cuddles and I couldn’t give them because it just bloody hurt so much.

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ITS BEEN A WHILE… i’m back!!

ok… SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much has happened since september

I have 3 blogs about after the attack… but it was sort of painful to post them… they’re half written – (well semi finished)

But I just had to move on from it – so didn’t want to go back there – HOWEVER now I am ready to share –

Lots of emails asking when I was going to finish off the story – sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger

However – watch this space – they are coming 🙂

In the mean time have some music, celebrate the winter sun… and be thankful

Love and light to you all


Expect the unexpected: Part 1

This is the soundtrack that was playing in my head just after the drama unfolded

Now, normally when I don’t blog, it’s because I’m having such a good time I just can’t fit it in…. or get over excited half write a blog and then … ooh look a squirrel! (hence the 20 odd half written blogs you’re yet to see)

I wanna keep this as short as possible because I think I’m going to write a few short blogs in regards to the roller coaster these past couple of  month have been…

All I was doing was waiting outside the shop for my husband!!  

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Someone To Watch Over Me

Had a lovely moment this morning. I was thinking I needed a bit of guidance as I was feeling unfocused and that always stirs an attack of the guilts! So I consulted my cards! (it’s the inner hippy in me!!) I was drawn to changing the music and let go of all my materialistic work related goals for the moment…

I put on an old playlist, and on pops Ella Fitzgerald – Someone To Watch Over Me.  I smiled and though ‘yes I just need a sign that someone is watching over me, helping to guide me on my decisions for today’. I tuned it up, feeling comforted by this lovely old song I found myself walking towards the window. Just that second my little Robin friend flew into the garden. I havent seen him for a month or so, and today he put on a real display ensuring I knew he was there… and once again I was brought to tears as the lyrics echoed in my heart

I know this hippy dippy gushy blog wont resonate with most… BUT for a few I know you’ll get it!

“Tell me, where is the shepherd for this lost lamb?”

“I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood, I know I could, always be good, To one who’ll watch over me”