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Soul Fairy Family

This weekend we headed over to our friends house in the New Forest  for a party and gathering of our gang – there’s a  few more babies since we all last got together 2 extra bundles of joy in the past 3 months!

I am blessed with the most awesomeness amount of friends in all parts of my life – this gang is my party hard gang. Over 10 years of festivals, raving and house parties with these guys and no amount of children has changed that!   in most of my blogs I go on about how much I love them all – and i do – they are what i live for

This weekend I had an epiphany!  Half giddy with love of the reunion of  my soul family friends and half giddy with the rum and apple juice cocktails I’d just discovered  (not too much apple BTW – If you’re wondering!)

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baby steps – don’t move the goal posts! #21DaysOfGratitude 5/21

(Want to join in 21 days of Gratitude – find out more here)

“Baby steps Lou,  baby steps”. It’s what my mind whispers to me when its quiet. It says, look back and join up the dots, then you will you see where you have come from  –  THEN you will truly know what you have achieved. (that’s meditation for ya!)

It’s the subtle moves, the baby steps , the journey of our life, work, AND  relationships that is the real joy! When our goal focused  tunnel vision sets in, we miss the fun bits, the ride of OUR LIFE!

We forget to love the little things as intensely as we love the goal.. and then things get a little bit confused and we feel  disheartened!

See the growth of  the seeds that you have planted. I plant seeds everyday, without even really thinking about it. Then they grow and I rarely (and I mean this)  congratulate myself on what I have achieved! How sad is that? I don’t just mean in terms of work – I mean people, ideas, things I do, things I make, emails and messages I send. All those seeds that I Grow and never acknowledge / say well done to myself?!

Often when we do reach a  big goal, it’s a bit of an anti climax! Mainly because we’ve missed actually achieving it. OR we’re already looking for the next goal. OR if you’re like me, you get there but you’ve subconsciously just  moved the goal posts so you dont ever think you’ve actually achieved it  –  derrrr!!!! So the gratifying love for yourself  for having achieved  is, well… lost!  THAT’S NO GOOD, WHATS THE FUCKING POINT IN THAT THEN ?  🙂

So today’s wisdom was  –   Just roll with it, enjoy those moments, don’t force anything,  put your energy into what you love. What truly is meant to be will love you back and reward you with the same intensity that you love and deserve.   Continue reading

Yellow… what goes up must come down… #GlastoBlues

10 years this year 10 YEARS!!!

Its up there in one of my top 10  mind-blowing moments at Glasto!

Coldplay dont do it so much for me theses days, but watching this video, seeing the crowd shots, knowing I was sat on Harry’s shoulders by the sound stage crying because I was so overwhelmed, Feeling an enormous amount of love for the friends we were with, a gratifying love for the music and best of all  knowing WE were in this moment  (while so many people were watching it on telly). IT TRULY WAS MAGICAL

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Good friends are like stars…

Sundays… bloody love Sundays! Most are filled with friends, brunching, lunching, eating cake,  drinking tea (*e-hem gin & tonics and bloody marys!) and soaking up the simple things in life … enjoying the time and energy of those I love…

In the Face of Adversity

Today I looked at the work I needed to do and then had an urge to call my best friend . You may call it procrastination, I like think it was my subconscious 😉

Now i’m crap with dates, I’ve been  friends with her for well over 13 years and I still get her birthdate wrong!! So todays date didn’t ring any bells… but its a biggie for her…

This time last year she was stabbed in the chest by some nutter one snowy morning, moments after getting off the phone from me  … it was looking like just a normal day untill that moment. Continue reading

Release the birds…

I know I am lucky… i know that friendship speaks louder than any wealth in life..   I am rich. I  know. Continue reading


 Got this off my best friend – made me laugh my socks off… thanks Bandy Boo

Social Media Identity Crisis

A  friend  who I met through business networking some years back told me off for swearing too much on Facebook last week (granted I was over excited that Paul Simon is playing Glasto and I do have a profile pic with a great big F word on)  However It highlighted the work / social /  Facebook mishmash that had been brought up with other people.

I have about 430  friends on my Facebook and I’d say 40 are people I have a ‘professional’ relationship with. A few years back I set up a  ‘Professional Louise’  Facebook profile, but I found it very hard to manage.  I was trying to be 2 people and I’m better at being just 1! So I sent an email out  inviting a few over to ‘my dark side’.

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Staggering through a right of passage

we don’t sleep when the sun goes down, we don’t waist our precious time…

Turning 30 is a big thing theses days. In our peer group its a ‘right of passage’ and the best way to turn 30 is to prove you’ve still
 ‘got it’ … That means partying hard and staying up to watch the sun rise no matter what!

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Seaside new years with baby abundance!

For years we’ve gone away with our friends for New Year,  its tradition for 15 – 20 of us to book out a cottage for a week. We  party all night and chill all day Bon Bon was the only however this new year we were somewhat short of a few friends!

 2009 tipped the baby balance! In previous years the only baby in the gang was Bon Bon, but now there were 4 more babies to contend with, so our friends who still had the taste of freedom ran a million miles from the babytastic crew and quite rightly so, had a child free new year!

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