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The Mind Fuckery of getting up in the morning

These past few months I’ve been going through another massive shift, and had some amazing enlightening experiences,  self discoveries, detachments & new commitments.  This has been helped along by a really good routine  (I’m like a baby, I need  routine) that fits in all elements of life  – mind, body, spirit and soul.

I’ve been bouncing out of bed  5.15am every week day, (on a Saturdays I get up at 6.30am  & Sunday I have a day of)  This gives me time to do half hour meditation and get my self to Wild training by 6.30am before starting the day with family,  work & play  (most morning I even get to squeeze a FaceTime Chat in with in my best friend)

Life is great and I love my mornings..  AND early nights!

Wake up before your mind wakes..

This morning i did not want to get out of bed, I was tired, and instead of just getting up before my mind woke up,  I did the biggest fail… I HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON!!!


The moment you do that you are giving your mind permission to run away…

My internal dialogue went something like this this morning… (don’t laugh!!!)

‘i’m so tired’

‘get up Lou don’t let your mind kick in’

‘but i got my period , Arabella was up, i’m exhausted and i need a morning off’

‘Lou, don’t do this, if you give up now , you’ll fail

‘ i’ll snooze for 10 mins’ zzzzzzzz

beep beep


‘ I did training yesterday, I don’t need to do today’

‘ just jump out of bed, don’t even think of it just get out’

‘i’ll make myself ill if i go, i could just go back and get another hours sleep i’ll feel better’

‘there’s no point in getting more sleep you know it makes you feel more crap, now just get out of bed, if you stay in bed you will feel crap and like a failure, and that’s worse than how you feel right now’

‘ok ok ok, I’M UP!



In my mediation i was still in my ‘poor me i’m so tired slump’  i actually asked god in my prayers to give me strength for the day.. and do you know what he said back.. he said ‘

GET A FUCKING GRIP WOMAN!!!  You’ve got friends with cancer, MS & struggling with bereavements, now they do need to ask me for strength, The only strength you need is  with is manning up and  controlling that monkey mind of yours …
NOW , this ‘tiredness mind battle’ you had this morning was a challenge that you overcame.  Congratulate yourself on the fact  you are now stronger than you were yesterday… so when big challenges like real illness takes over you know you will have the real strength and awareness  within you to JUST GET ON WITH IT!!!


Early bird catches the worm.. get the fuck up and do something… exercise  makes you happy…

AND spring out of bed before your mind kicks in!

Here I am at 6.35 this morning… on the C*$$$ing ropes… i hated every second… but i loved it too…  AND YES… i am tried this evening, i’m exhausted, i had to do My New Music show this evening and I was so tried I tripped up my words and lost what i was doing.. BUT i feel a dam sight better than i would have, had i stayed in bed for an extra hour and half this morning and failed myself!

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You are incomparable baby…

I spent most of my late teens and early adult life with the crippling self limiting belief that I was a ‘bit thick’ therefore would never ‘Get a good job and be successful in life’. This stayed with me for years suppressing any awareness of what real value I had to give the world.

… call it self discovery, self awareness or simply ‘ growing up’  I now know that way of thinking is utter bollox…

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