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This is the end… and the beginning..

I’m leaving
Time to let it go
ūüė¶ Booo
I’ve found a better place to play
ūüôā YAY!
Wanna come with me??
Come join the party over here
All my love
Lou Lou xxx



The cave of darkness and wonder


To reach the heights of the profound and beautiful I had to follow my heart into the the cave of darkness and face my hidden fears. Between Septembers Equinox and tomorrows winter solstice has brought to me the biggest levels of personal growth to date.

I have learned to travel to the darkest depths of my inner cave where the sun does not shine.

For someone who fly’s so high all the time, floating just below the clouds, who naturally runs off an unusual amount of serotonin, who sees the world through rose tinted glasses, who is so laid back about life nothing bothers her, who jumps out of bed and sings to the moon …this was a tough journey to CHOOSE to take!!!

To chose to follow my heart where pain was inevitable, to hear my guides whispering ‘my darling things need to be addressed before you can move on’ and do something about it is a bit like having to complete the level on supermario land before you can get to the next level!

BUT who wants to go to a place where negative feelings, sadness, and past hurts have been stored? NOT ME!  It was like walking into a Pandoras box – I would lay there at night doing Reiki on myself and rather than going to ‘the land of magical wonder’ I would go to ‘the cave of hell’ –  but it was safe, because I could feel that this was right, something telling me this was what needed to happen.

I visited this place over and over again in the past few months. Every time I come back to Lou Lou land, I am stronger, wiser, and happier.  I’M FREE!

I learned to face and heal old wounds, sit in the pain and learn about who I really am, why I am, and hear why it is my inner guide is trying to say to me. I finally learned to listen to myself and not ignore anything that actually hurts, I have finally learned how to make decisions that are right for me, even if they hurt at first.

I have learned that I am responsible for my own happiness, and I am not responsible for other peoples happiness.

I have learned that ignoring negative feelings is destructive and its ok to be sad, and when we acknowledge this sadness and face it, we  go on a discovery and find the true roots and heal and move on


Its been such a beautiful journey, in so many ways I feel my intuition is so alive its incredible more powerful than ever.. and i was pretty powerful before this journey, so now i feel ALIVE.. SO SO ALIVE

My reason for sharing is because I am open with the good and the bad, the ying and the yang…

I know I am a blissed out fairy floating in the flow of life, and have it good, i have creative a very beautiful world for myself ,  but I want to share with you that we all have dark time and that’s ok.  If we are not challenged then we will not grown.

The biggest and bravest choice is to be truthful with yourself and who you are and face what sometimes we don’t want to face… its ok to feel bad, there is no point in faking a smile – NEVER FAKE WHO YOU ARE.. just take the time and love for yourself fix whats going on inside and deal with it in a soft and gentile and positive way.

You gotta be true to yourself kids so you can grow xxxxxxxx love and light to you – wishing you all time to heal and love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On this note I would like  to say… i have the most wonderful husband who has been so supportive of my transformation, who just hangs out with me and allows me to just be still – real oak tree, and i have learned so much from his stillness  = he sent me this song the other day and its such a great track i love the lyrics .. he said i would!!

‘You can get lost in the music for hours, honey,
You can get lost in a room.
We can play music for hours and hours
But the sun’ll still be coming up soon.

The world’s not forgiving
Of everyone’s fears.
The days turn into months, the months turn into years.
So just for the moment, let’s be still’

A blog especially for those ‘GIVERS’ out there


We have all had times in life when we feel really disappointed with someone, a friend, lover, a family member,  work colleague, where you feel used, cheated, let down, rejected, dishonored or deceived.

You give your time, your¬†energy,¬†your love or even your heart and for what?¬†for ¬†pain, hurt, frustration , annoyance, anger or disappointment! …where’s the fairness in that?

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Wake up I tell you just wake up

I feel asleep early, and woke up with the intense need to connect and write

… And the words just came – as they do more and more these days, especially as I’ve had a massively conscious and energy sensitive day of blissed out moments, so my words surprised me – they are so passionate and frustrated – this was a shout to the world (and my lower-self) … from my heart

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The Mind Fuckery of getting up in the morning

These past few months I’ve been going through another massive shift, and had some amazing enlightening experiences, ¬†self discoveries, detachments & new commitments. ¬†This has been helped along by a really good routine ¬†(I’m like a baby, I need ¬†routine) that fits in all elements of life ¬†– mind, body, spirit and soul.

I’ve been bouncing out of bed ¬†5.15am every week day, (on a Saturdays I get up at 6.30am ¬†& Sunday I have a day of) ¬†This gives me time to do half hour meditation and get my self to Wild training by 6.30am before starting the day with family, ¬†work & play ¬†(most morning I even get to squeeze a FaceTime Chat in with in my best friend)

Life is great and I love my mornings..  AND early nights!

Wake up before your mind wakes... 

This morning i did not want to get out of bed, I was tired, and instead of just getting up before my mind woke up, ¬†I¬†did the biggest fail… I HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON!!!


The moment you do that you are giving your mind permission to run away…

My internal dialogue went something like this this morning… (don’t laugh!!!)

‘i’m so tired’

‘get up Lou don’t let your mind kick in’

‘but i got my period , Arabella was up, i’m exhausted and i need a morning off’

‘Lou, don’t do this, if you give up now , you’ll fail

‘ i’ll snooze for 10 mins’¬†zzzzzzzz

beep beep


‘ I did training yesterday, I don’t need to do today’

‘ just jump out of bed, don’t even think of it just get out’

‘i’ll make myself ill if i go, i could just go back and get another hours sleep i’ll feel better’

‘there’s no point in getting more sleep you know it makes you feel more crap, now just get out of bed, if you stay in bed you will feel crap and like a failure, and that’s worse than how you feel right now’

‘ok ok ok, I’M UP!



In my mediation i was still in my ‘poor me i’m so tired slump’ ¬†i actually asked god in my prayers to give me strength for the day.. and do you know what he said back.. he said ‘

GET A FUCKING GRIP WOMAN!!! ¬†You’ve got friends with cancer, MS & struggling with bereavements, now they do need to ask me for strength, The only strength you need is ¬†with is manning up and ¬†controlling that monkey mind of yours …
NOW , this ‘tiredness mind battle’ you had this morning was a challenge that you overcame. ¬†Congratulate yourself on the fact ¬†you are now stronger than you were yesterday… so when big challenges like real illness takes over you know you will have the real strength and awareness ¬†within you to JUST GET ON WITH IT!!!


Early bird catches the worm.. get the fuck up and do something… exercise ¬†makes you happy…

AND spring out of bed before your mind kicks in!

Here I am at 6.35 this morning… on the C*$$$ing ropes… i hated every second… but i loved it too… ¬†AND YES… i am tried this evening, i’m exhausted, i had to do My New Music show this evening and I was so tried I tripped up my words and lost what i was doing.. BUT i feel a dam sight better than i would have, had i stayed in bed for an extra hour and half this morning and failed myself!

photo (8) photo (9)

Reiki Workshops, Conscious Awareness & Law of Attraction Mentoring with Louise Carron Harris

I work with people from all walks of life from Entrepreneurs and Celebrities to mums juggling families and those who are struggling with bereavement, illness or blockages in life and looking to refocus and find balance. I combine the healing and energising power of Reiki, alongside Natural Law of Attraction meditations and 1-2-1 mentoring to help people create positive change on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

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…and so to clear, begin and process

I’ve always seen my life as a movie with a continuous soundtrack.. ¬†I get nostalgic when i look back and I gush with excitement when I look forward. ¬†When I’m ‘in the now’ i normally cry with gratitude and peace – ¬†and 75% of the time there is a the live sound track emphasising the moment – our world is continuously vibing from beautiful music.

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The mind grip

Yesterday I had one of the hardest days in a long time to test my vibration of happiness… Ironically this happened within 24 hours of launching the How to be Fucking Happy Facebook page!

That morning I was on my usual high vibe, woke up dancing round the kitchen to good tunes, FaceTime with best friend during frantic school rush, and headed off to work with a buzz on … life was great and I was really feeling the flow.

Just before lunch time, I received a Facebook message from My little brother asking me if I was ok. It was all very random to be honest and i knew there was something up with him. I eventually got hold of him on the phone and managed to drag it out of him.

Now I can safely say My Baby Bro does not buy into any of my hippy shit.  He is a science loving, number crunching practical thinking kinda guy,  however when he woke yesterday morning all the science and logic went out the window.

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7/7 bombing – A day that changed me forever (part 2)

Part 1 here:

Days of fire – a song that holds all of my feelings of this day.

We were stood in the crowd waiting to cross the Marylebone Road to get to the buses. Holding¬†harry’s¬†hand I said calmly, “babe we need to stop and go into a cafe and listen to the news, something¬†isn’t¬†right.”

I felt his whole body flinch with annoyance and it caught me off guard. I knew he  felt the  pressure of needing to get to work. Harry is an incredibly loyal guy, always on time and reliable and  took his job seriously.  I knew he thought I was being a bit silly, so he calmly just ignored me. I tried to reason this in my head , but the panic that something bad was going to happen was taking over my mind and I was desperate to make him hear me.

“You need to listen to me, we can’t go any¬†further¬†into town”

“Babe, I need to get to work”

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7/7 bombing – A day that changed me forever (part 1)

My own personal experience of 7/7  bombings are incomparable to the realism of the death and destruction that struck our city that morning,  but for me that day was an awakening and an insight

… a day that changed me forever.

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