Wake up I tell you just wake up

I feel asleep early, and woke up with the intense need to connect and write

… And the words just came – as they do more and more these days, especially as I’ve had a massively conscious and energy sensitive day of blissed out moments, so my words surprised me – they are so passionate and frustrated – this was a shout to the world (and my lower-self) … from my heart

And then you wake up, and see how you have been behaving unconsciously, driven by your addictions… Shopping, tv, sex, food, alcohol, drugs, desire, porn, toxic relationships, moaning, game play, and dramas – And you can’t think or form your own opinions because your religions and the media tell you what to think and tell you how its done, and you believe them… and now you don’t even know what it’s like to have a pure thought or opinion of your own and your fearful of failure and rejection. And the only thing that drives you are good grades And your
careers … that kill you and drown any hope of leading with your passions …

And you start to question why… Why why… Why am I doing this, what does it bring to me, why do I NEED it…

And you start to wake up … You start to realise that you have no control because IT has control over you –

and you can’t see or feel the truth and the essence of real life because You are Numb to it, and you know what … you have been most of your life! you have skipped from one addiction to another – and now you’re so fucking numb to what is around you That you Think You ARE happy swimming in the dead lake waiting to die….
when all you need to do is get out, GET OUT .. wipe yourself down and see what the real world has to offer. wake up and know what its like to feel alive ….Opposed to dying!

And with every smile you begin to connect, and every action you take you know in your heart of hearts it is good for you an it is done with integrity… every thought is pure and positive, there are no lies, or fears pf what people think … And now you feel lighter, so free you could fly and you speak lighter… you feel alive and connected … And you shake Your head – because it all feels too good to be true… And everything starts to come your way, things fall into place … And then you THEN you know … You’re in the flow ..




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One response to “Wake up I tell you just wake up

  • markusberryus

    like! ….manifestation…..for theee nation……
    Lou email me (privately) your birthday, time, hour and where you were born . I wanna get you a human design chart I think you’d like it. x

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