…and so to clear, begin and process

I’ve always seen my life as a movie with a continuous soundtrack..  I get nostalgic when i look back and I gush with excitement when I look forward.  When I’m ‘in the now’ i normally cry with gratitude and peace –  and 75% of the time there is a the live sound track emphasising the moment – our world is continuously vibing from beautiful music.

For a few minutes just now,  I just glanced back on the past year. I saw the challenges and the growths, I felt the pride in myself and the awareness of the choices I have made and the reasons why  –   and the biggest change this year  is my ability to turn up the volume of my inner guide.

I still feel a pang of sadness as i feel that the summer air is cooler on my skin, the small sign to show its drawing to an end. It makes me feel like I’m saying good-bye to a part of my life that i have loved. however  I  always feel like this time of year is a time to prepare for the new chapter.  The impending Autumn term brings,  new choices, new challenges, new dreams, stepping away from what has become comfortable in life,  even those habits and addictions that soon become crutches.

I now embrace the cleaning closets, closing doors and shedding habits both internally and externally – its hard work sometimes – but it really does make you feel a hell of a  lot lighter. so if you’ve been thinking about rejuvenating – then the time is now to make some plans and take some steps.

The full moon is coming , its feels strong,  although not full until 2am on Wednesday morning – so brace yourselves if you are feeling like me and that  insane need to shed and be free of even myself! Act upon it.

Meditation and lots of love for yourself and those around you for the next few days – and if there are people you love who are not near you then try sending them some loving prayers and thoughts  xxx

ps: I am aware that  I owe you all about 5 blogs –  from the aftermath of my brothers dream, to the court case of the attack last year and more recently my decision to leave the Marlow FM breakfast show  (a job that I love with all my heart) -.  SOOO much to update you all on but for now … i wanted to share my meandering thoughts  on change.


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