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The mind grip

Yesterday I had one of the hardest days in a long time to test my vibration of happiness… Ironically this happened within 24 hours of launching the How to be Fucking Happy Facebook page!

That morning I was on my usual high vibe, woke up dancing round the kitchen to good tunes, FaceTime with best friend during frantic school rush, and headed off to work with a buzz on … life was great and I was really feeling the flow.

Just before lunch time, I received a Facebook message from My little brother asking me if I was ok. It was all very random to be honest and i knew there was something up with him. I eventually got hold of him on the phone and managed to drag it out of him.

Now I can safely say My Baby Bro does not buy into any of my hippy shit.  He is a science loving, number crunching practical thinking kinda guy,  however when he woke yesterday morning all the science and logic went out the window.

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7/7 bombing – A day that changed me forever (part 2)

Part 1 here:

Days of fire – a song that holds all of my feelings of this day.

We were stood in the crowd waiting to cross the Marylebone Road to get to the buses. Holding harry’s hand I said calmly, “babe we need to stop and go into a cafe and listen to the news, something isn’t right.”

I felt his whole body flinch with annoyance and it caught me off guard. I knew he  felt the  pressure of needing to get to work. Harry is an incredibly loyal guy, always on time and reliable and  took his job seriously.  I knew he thought I was being a bit silly, so he calmly just ignored me. I tried to reason this in my head , but the panic that something bad was going to happen was taking over my mind and I was desperate to make him hear me.

“You need to listen to me, we can’t go any further into town”

“Babe, I need to get to work”

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7/7 bombing – A day that changed me forever (part 1)

My own personal experience of 7/7  bombings are incomparable to the realism of the death and destruction that struck our city that morning,  but for me that day was an awakening and an insight

… a day that changed me forever.

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Glasto comedown 2013

Stone circle feeling the vibes morning vibes

Stone circle feeling the vibes morning vibes

I am not adjusting to the real world very well today. My head feels like its got water in it, my ears feel like they are blocked up, my body is broken, shaky and achy. I’m struggling to type this  and I can’t really read it because i keep crying… The glasto come down gets harder every year. The kids too, they miss their friends, the music, and the universal love…

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