“Love thy neighbour” If you cant do that, then try this…


This is a guest post from one of my long time friends Bec… she called me the other day to tell me what she had been up to, I laughed so hard that i asked her to guest post… here is her story:

So this weekend has been eventful!
I was accused by the neighbour talking about her in my back garden and had the police called on me.

Serious crime I know – stand aside murderers, gangs and drug pushers! ….

The very nice PCSO came in to speak about the neighbour which in turn meant that I had actually committed the offence I had been accused of ! I felt like I had been stitched up! LOL

The neighbour is a little on the odd side I know and I have been accused of talking about her before. I have also had notes through the door accusing me of keeping her cat inside our house and feeding it which, if you saw the size of our dog hating cat….. Need I say more? I have ignored all this quite happily until now and all had been forgotten.

This time it was personal though. She shouted some very horrid personal things at me and a neighbour that were unforgivable, spiteful and sickening which made me very angry, shaky and go a little loopy.

This was the start of something as I didn’t want to let her think that it was all forgotten and that she can treat people like she does. I was really angry inside still shaky after a couple of days and so I would not let rest.

After venting my upset at a few of the neighbours I heard that they had had trouble with her too and one lady is even always looking over her shoulder incase she is around and is very upset when talking about it.

Apart from my anger i did feel that It must be horrible living in her head thinking that people are always talking about you.

So what did i decide to do? I decided to add some peace and love into her life. Inspired my my uni friend crazy festival loving Lou Lou.

so my peace sign came out!

I change it for her every day to try and give her some clarity on how to treat people – she sent me another nice note to say it is disturbing so I’m not sure it’s working but… I like it! It makes me think about how I should act towards her! (Well for the time being until she starts to shout at me again)

Peace and love for now anyway!
Gone loopy – Bec x


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