Celestial buzz -The Road to Enlightenment! Part 1

(6 months on from the last blog post – January 2013)


After amazing cuddle with my family, I opened the curtains and there was the best sight ever!  A bright blue  Sunday sky and a golden orb of Winter sun ! So utterly refreshing. This was going to be a special day

The sun shines on everything and brings the most welcome sense of release. I put on this track loud and dance round the house in my PJS as we cook breakfast.

I was light I had spread my wings. I was ready to fly.

I am grateful for the pure self-indulgent day ahead; a float tank on London Bridge and an amble along the South Bank with my friend. This something I do a few times a year (and have done for many years) Every time I do it  there is always blue sky! AMAZING

The city appears at the train window the sun on my face – I just want to cry with utter gratitude

I grab a coffee and light a cigarette and walk in the sun from Marylebone to Baker Street. I am in an utter state of bliss! flowing and smiling at the day, nothing is a rush and everything just falls into place.

As the sun hits my cheek I watch the people around and smile at everyone who catches my gaze.

My attention was caught by a leaf floating down into the road , so slowly and gently it really grabbed my focus – and as loud as day I hear ‘ Louise you are so incredibly blessed’ in my ears. The tears of gratitude and release sting my eyes as the staves play the soundtrack of the enormousness of this awakening. I feel pure peace and joy and so emotional .

All I can think and feel is the pure gratitude – I have the most amazing life i really do. I bless myself and everyone around – life is a most incredible journey

On the tube I sat so peaceful and still. I could feel the energy flowing like a soft blanket. I knew that there was a shift and this was a BIG thing going on with me right now. I felt a detachment and realisation, an opening in myself. I look up and see a picture of a rainbow and i smile, recalling my dreams of rainbows last night. This sensation deepens my gratitude and awareness – my blissful state hits a new level.

I sat on the tube buzzing on this celestial vibe and teetering on tearing up with joy.

A man gets on the tube, lovely looking – in the sense of being unthreatening and friendly, almost innocent vulnerable and sweet yet I couldn’t help thinking beyond this I knew he was just so wise and almost Angelic. He sits opposite me. I feel love for him.I smiled and sent him reiki, when I looked up he was laughing to himself – it was beautiful! He felt it, knew that – it was a pure ‘Oneness’ he felt the love – it was just so fucking beautiful

A homeless man got on with a cup, I got up to give him money and blessed him. Then everyone on the tube got up to give him money one at a time. It was so overwhelming, my emotions were rising in my heart and my tears were streaming down my face – It was all too much, I couldn’t hold it in – The pure love and connection around me was touching me right inside.

As I walked up the platform of London bridge I was crying with happiness and contentment. Utter bliss and happiness for everyone. It was enlightenment to a degree that yes I had felt it momentary glimpses – but I was so in the moment right from the moment I woke – so this feeling was just consistent get getting more and more and more intense and was utterly overwhelmingly stunning.

To be continued…


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