Expect the unexpected: Part 1

This is the soundtrack that was playing in my head just after the drama unfolded

Now, normally when I don’t blog, it’s because I’m having such a good time I just can’t fit it in…. or get over excited half write a blog and then … ooh look a squirrel! (hence the 20 odd half written blogs you’re yet to see)

I wanna keep this as short as possible because I think I’m going to write a few short blogs in regards to the roller coaster these past couple of  month have been…

All I was doing was waiting outside the shop for my husband!!  

At the start of the summer holidays I popped into the office to see my husband on the way back from a meeting. We decided to nip round to the shop before  I went to pick up the kids. 

It was from that decision that something happened that changed me internally!

As I stood outside the shop waiting for my husband,  I saw a woman come out shouting at a guy. Seconds later she was shouting at ME!! ” what are you looking at , you want him, you want him” ‘ WHAT THE FUCK? – “no, no, this is nothing to do with me….”

As I stepped backwards away from the situation she leaped forward grabbed me by the pony tail and started smacking the shit out of my head with her iPhone!!!

My hero husband  Harry saw this from the shop window and ran out to pull the crazy woman off  me then the guy she was with restrained her and told us to call the police.

I was shocked I’d never experienced anything like it before – I’m a peaceful person – things like this don’t happen to me!!!

I waited in the shop and after about 5 mins I was ready to go home , I needed to get back to the kids and  I could see that she had calmed down and was sat on the pavement a few meters away from the shop.

I don’t know why, but I felt  awful for her, I couldn’t help but wonder what  has happened in her life to attack a total stranger. I was almost detached from the situation, like I wasnt even apart of it – like it hadn’t even happened to me!

I said to my husband, ‘oh god I feel like I just want to go and give her a hug’  I KNOW this is a weird thought, but I genuinely felt awful for her!  My husband replied ‘ dont be so fucking stupid’ …

The drama was building in the shop and I wanted to get the hell out of  there and go and pick the kids up.  As we left the shop I asked her friend (who was stood in the door way obviously also in some sort of shock)  if she was going to be OK.  I told him I didn’t really want to wait around for police as I had to get back to my kids. I could sense he was a sweet guy and I felt his pain.

Round 2! 

On leaving the shop holding my husband’s hand, the woman started shouting at me ‘ Why the fuck are you talking to him, you want him you whore”

I remembered just putting my head down, holding Harry’s  forearm tightly and trying to walk away as fast as I could… THEN the next second my pony tail was being yanked from behind, I was spun round , I was hit and then I was down on the ground with her on top of me… I don’t really remember  much more but I knew I was just waiting to be saved!

Again Harry pulled her off (with some force)  3 other guys pulled her back and restrained  her.  It was all a blur,  I was  in tears and shock – my body was in survival mode and my instinct was to run away from the situation as fast as I could…  she was furious,  her face distorted with anger,  she wanted me dead  and it was fueling her fire that she couldn’t get to me. As I looked back  she spat in Harry’s face and I felt for the first time in 14 years, his peaceful ‘gentle giant’ body tense with pure anger –  I think it took all the will in the world for him not to lamp her one! I had never felt him anger like that.  I remember gripping him tight and wanting to run, run as far away from this situation as possible.

We got back round the corner to our office, I sat down sobbing and then realised I couldn’t really breath.  As the adrenalin started to ware off, I realised I was injured. Why could I not breath properly?  The pain down the right side of my body progressively got worse.

The police turned up to our office and the paramedic came and he said I’d fractured my ribs – He offered to take me to hospital but I had to get back to the kids and there’s nothing you can do for fractured ribs. All I wanted to do was get home to my children as it was way past their dinner time.

I was bored now,  sat in our office playing on Facebook to help ease the tediousness of procedures that had to take place with the police statements.

3 hours later I was home,  3 million Facebook comments of love,   cake delivery’s and care packages and gazillion text messages from friends was all so overwhelming   – in all honesty I felt like a bit of a fraud – I’d only had my ribs cracked .. it’s not like i was stabbed or anything..

I was fine… or so I thought!

to be continued…


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3 responses to “Expect the unexpected: Part 1

  • markusberryus

    I love this story, Lou. it’s something special, one of life’s gifts delivered by a crazy. seems like all pain at the time but actually changes us and redirects our lives for the better, or kills us. that’s the nature of these kind of things. Guys tend to whack people over the head with spades and end up in prison for a bit to achieve these results, so this is a chicks path, but I always play out the criminal not the victim in my scenes so maybe it is that. its a beautiful thing and rich with revealing truths dontcha think. or am I just nuts? lol.

  • Jonathan

    You write wonderfully… (and good to start hearing the full story behind the cryptic posts elsewhere I have noticed from time to time)

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