Soul Fairy Family

This weekend we headed over to our friends house in the New Forest  for a party and gathering of our gang – there’s a  few more babies since we all last got together 2 extra bundles of joy in the past 3 months!

I am blessed with the most awesomeness amount of friends in all parts of my life – this gang is my party hard gang. Over 10 years of festivals, raving and house parties with these guys and no amount of children has changed that!   in most of my blogs I go on about how much I love them all – and i do – they are what i live for

This weekend I had an epiphany!  Half giddy with love of the reunion of  my soul family friends and half giddy with the rum and apple juice cocktails I’d just discovered  (not too much apple BTW – If you’re wondering!)

We found ourselves gathered in the garden, kids running round wild, loving the freedom of our friends beautiful New Forest  garden,  music pumping from the stereo, chatter of us all catching up, laughing – lots of laughing.

I found myself in a deep conversation with one of my best friends, discussing where our focus  is and what we truly want in life.  For the first time in my life  I could honestly  say clearly what it was –  and it wasn’t to have 10 successful businesses and a fleet of cars, and  obnoxious mansion with 12 pools and a yacht!

It was all pretty simple really –

To ensure that I always have healthy  family and friends,  enough money to afford a big enough home where everyone can sleep over after long nights of partying, where we can wake for breakfast and all fit round the table, where  our kids can all grow together adventures in the gardens,  where we can play music all night long and never be told to turn it down, and a pool where I can swim naked when no ones around !!! (well gotta have one luxury!!) and always alwasy go to festivals  – in essence I live to party with my friends and family, to  dance to loud music and laugh until we cry – and  in the end  – to die very old while raving at the pyramid stage with my best friends!!! 

That night,  my 5-year-old daughter ask for a story.  I made up the coolest story based around all of our friends  – it was called ‘Soul Fairy Family’  – we were all fairy’s and goblins, and we all had magical powers, Uncle mark could swish is wand and huge sound systems would rise from the ground, aunty sandy could make woodland tress come alive with sparky glistening blossom and auntie karina could make all the flower light up… it went on for another 20 fairy’s, goblins and wizards… I’m sure you can see where I was going with this story!! 😉

I will write it up and make a little book for the kiddies i think!!!

once all babies were settled – IT WAS TIME TO PARTY – we danced and laughed all night , I woke up with a sore head a a sore side from laughing so much!!!

have a great weekend – love peace and happiness xx


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