I can sing a rainbow

This morning I had a ‘moment’ when I went out of the office for a walk and everyone I passed smiled back at me.  As the rain started, the huge drops  hit my face and I felt this huge release,  like the rain was washing away the self-doubt that had begun to set into my mind over the past few days.

The rain lifted my spirits and uncovered that feeling I love so much sort of like an excited anticipation of… well who knows what! Just life I suppose! BUT GOOD TO BE BACK.. … I feel a new moon coming… 🙂

I will admit, probably due to hormones I started to question if I was on the right path this week. Things seem to be changing – but I can’t quite put my finger on  it!!!

But I now know – change is good.

I know it’s just a rainbow to you BUT to me this Rainbow was a clear sign to believe.

Two mornings ago I woke up and  I asked the Universe / God / Whoever /  to see a rainbow as a sign telling me I’m on the right path and its all going to  work out .

All day I looked, and wondered if maybe the photo of the rainbow that came in my Facebook feed was the sign, but I wanted more!  My friend said ‘if you want to see one in the sky then you have to be specific and ask for one’  – So i did !

Few hours went by and nothing,  so I  gave up thinking and again started to question my faith.  I started to feel a bit silly – was I being a bit mental asking to see a bloody sign!?

THEN  guess what I got at 5pm that evening!!! YUP!!! I was so blown away, I stepped out of the car to this rainbow!!!

I started shaking and started to cry!

The next day, I asked to see a Robin to tell me if i was confusing gut instinct with anxiety  that was setting in and causing my mind to cloud.  I looked and looked all day and started to think ‘Well Louise, time to think about how you are going to detach and move on’.

I  forgot all about  the Robin.  That evening  I found myself in a haze, I was stood with my head  resting on the window of the kids room, my mind elsewhere , the sounds of the kids playing in the bath,  the music downstairs, all mixed into a mind of wonder about everything – mixed thoughts and contemplation left me  gazing out  into nothing.

All of a sudden something told me to focus my eyes into the garden…  AND SURE AS HELL –  I saw a Robin! She flew from the tree to the washing line and then everything started to make a bit more sense.

All these signs are screaming… STOP, LOOK, LISTEN.. stop bloody worrying!!!

Call me mental, or a bit hippy weird – whatever… but I lost my faith.  I don’t know what faith it is, but I lost it … and now I have it back again that’s for sure – But this time is stronger with deeper foundations that I created – and no one else!

For the record, I don’t see Rainbows and Robins every day.  They are a rarity, its why I asked to see them.  Now to get to work on that 5 million pound deal!!! 😉 🙂

I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A MENTAL HIPPY – but I wanted to share this with you – because we all have days of self doubt, worry and anxiety – but we just need to keep the faith – whatever that is!

Happy days to you all – keep your mind clear xx

Here is a TUNE that makes you wanna strip off, and dance round like a crazy hippy on acid.. WELL IT DOES FOR ME!!! 🙂


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