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Rain Makes You Unproductive FACT

#RainMakesYouUnproductive FACT

One very rainy Wednesday:

Make Coffee, Check Email, Twitter, Facebook!  Check  Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Facebook!  Coffee, Early Lunch? Make peppermint tea, Check Email, Check Twitter, Check Facebook! Laugh Profusely at my meandering thoughts and hilarious witty remarks on Facebook thread. Look at coffee cup, put Bob Marley, Dance round office perfecting reggae dance leg lift, Sit down, Catch breath, Check Twitter, Facebook, Twitter , iPhone, Facebook!  Meditate… WORK!  Finally, thank fuck for that!

Coffee anyone?

Blog, Twitter, Facebook,…… Bla bla bla  😉

LOVE THIS… love the rain, love love life.. HAPPY ME!

Celestine Prophecy

The Celestine Prophecy was one of the very first books that set me on a spiritual quest.  I will admit I was young (about 19/ 20 ) and naive  – I did in fact think it was true (until the last few chapters!)

The lessons are fantastic and I’m very grateful for having read it at that time in my life.

The other day a work colleague stopped by the studio while I was doing the New Music discovery Show. He said he was just passing,  heard my voice on the radio and decided to pop in and say Hi.  It was random, but very lovely. I ended up telling him all about what had been going on with me  – and he gave be a bit of advice – Actually – a lot of advice!

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I can sing a rainbow

This morning I had a ‘moment’ when I went out of the office for a walk and everyone I passed smiled back at me.  As the rain started, the huge drops  hit my face and I felt this huge release,  like the rain was washing away the self-doubt that had begun to set into my mind over the past few days.

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