Be open to the words that guide you. 21DaysOfGratitude 7-12 /21

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3 new daily things to be grateful for, Exercise, meditation and random acts of kindness

Its been a challenge to incorporate the journal into my  blog for fear of it becoming ever so slightly boring for you!!!  I figure if you wanted to know my every move you could just subscribe to my Facebook feed, which I update like, every second!! And when my daily quota for that has been used up, I normally start filling up my Twitter account!! 😉

(I do use my Facebook as a journal and by the way I LOVE Timeline – just saying!)

The past week was action packed with lots of  fun. As usual, I get overwhelmed with thoughts of  ‘I’m just so bloody lucky’.

This week I’ve been getting more and more spiritual lightbulbs going off –  I’m blown away with moments where I feel that the Universe (or god, whatever you call that energy) is guiding and leading me to thoughts of clarity. Recently I will admit, there have been times when I have questioned  that little voice in my head,  wondering if its intuition or just mentalness!!! 🙂 I’m hoping it’ll become more and more obvious in time – however, for now the words that ring in my head right are Be open to the words that guide you,  be accepting and go with the good flow.

Quick low-down of the past week since a week last Thursday.

Thursday – Reiki with my friend was a mental! She does me, I do her.. It was awesome. After our 3 hour session of reiki and cards, I slept over at her house after drinking too much wine and getting stuck in the snow. At 3.30am we went to bed. 5.30am I was up ready to do breakfast show!!!

Electronic Monopoly - WHO KNEW!

Friday – Breakfast Show and Monopoly. Lots of giggles. long day working and running round – Reiki that night with Kimberly Selwood –  I am lucky enough to own a sliver cuff  that she made , sadly  I’m fucking unless at looking after anything that has a high value to it that it has become apparent that  I may have sat on it and broke it!!  In exchange for her fixing my silver cuff I have given her 3 reiki sessions.. 🙂

That night, Kimberly and her husband came round for a curry and a game of monopoly – all the years I have known Kimberley, we’ve never has a social night together. It was soo much fun…. Until I feel asleep at 11pm!!!

Saturday – Girly day in London. Arrive in London Bridge 10am for Float Tank, brunch, walk along the South Bank and off to Skylon for champagne.

This routine has become a quarterly habit – It’s called the walk of therapy 🙂 the sun ALWAYS shines in bright blue sky’s  (and we’ve been doing this for years). We talk, laugh, cry, love, and always walk away with a massive sense of gratitude for each other.

There were lots of lovely things that day, lots of stories, achievements and laughing so hard our stomachs hurt – and lots of random acts of kindness. I  always feel a bit weird about writing about them, it sort of feels like I’m looking for reward – HOWEVER, there was this one lovely moment where I paid for a woman to use the loo in Charring Cross , it was no big deal as I scrambled  to the bottom of my bag looking for an extra 30p, actually the man on the turn style  ended up not charging me and gave me a massive smile as I passed the turnstyle into the loo. I  realised later  that she was actually disabled, if I hadn’t paid she would have had to go all the way back up the stairs to get change.

Good Ol Sundays! Hung out at home chilling out, eventually made it out for a few pints in the pub, our friends and their kids turned up and we enjoyed an hour of a good old english sunday! we headed back to our house, opened the wine, we laughed, we talked some random shit and the kids had a blast running freely round the house while us parents made our way through the bottles! Dinner was awesome, conversation was hilarious  and I can’t be more grateful for having such amazing friends in our life.

Monday  The first day of half term – looked after my friends kids for the day, took them to soft play center, made flapjacks, and snow globes – the house looked like mayhem, but we all had a great time. That evening I ran, and ran and ran. I had a problem in my mind I was trying to resolve, the frustration was eating me and before I knew it I’d pushed myself an extra 2 miles, the music was ringing in my ears keeping my body going and all of a sudden I felt a sense of control of the situation – 6 miles later the world was a wee bit clearer.

Tuesday, Valentines breakfast show, lots of giggles and music. I’m not a fan of Valentines, my point is if Harry waited to kiss my arse one a year I’d have dumped him years ago – why wait for 1 day a year, why not everyday??? After the show I met my friend and her kids for a big walk in Burham Beeches. We hadn’t seen each other since christmas and it was just soooo lovely to catch up. The trees in the forest  seem to bring a sence of peace to my mind. It’s a very beautiful woodland and I’m very lucky to have it on my doorstep. That evening me and Harry did our New Music discovery show – it was an anti-Valentines show full of break up songs!! We laughed our way though the show, thinking how romantic we are!!!

Wednesday,  wow the tease of spring was in the air! The sun was shining  and my lovely mother in law took the kids so I could soak up the sun on a run. I tried to do the same run as monday but I struggled and felt a real loss of power up the hills. I ploughed on for 4 miles but didn’t do the extra couple of miles i did on monday. I did however strip off to my vest top and feel the sun and the breeze on my skin – I almost cried!!!!  After, we took the kids to Cliveden House, love love love that place, I always had a bit of a homing device to it, just seems to have such a beautiful energy.  we wondered the grounds for hours, chatting with my friend while our kids had the freedom to run wild.

Thursday we went to the big park and met up with the friends I met when I was first pregnant. They are still a huge part of my life and really good friends. we’ve all been through so much together so I do get a bit mushy and see Bon Bon running off into the distance with the kids she’s know all her life! Huge realisation that my babies are growing up!!!

The random acts of kindness filled every day from messages to friends, random phone calls, donations, cups of coffee, complements.. stuff that you don’t really think about until you do it and go ahhh yes that was a random act of kindness 🙂 – all in all a successful week.


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