Pensive day 6/21 #21DaysOfGratitude

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I had one of those pensive days, where I was consumed with sorting out a problem, I was head down in emails although my eyes were stuck in a permanent gaze looking out the  kitchen window!

I worked from home on my own so there is always a distinct lack of outside energy to ride on when you’re fuel tank is a bit low.

Of course a very good meditation would have helped put me onto another frequency and I should have stepped outside out of the 4 walls of my home and engaged in some nature and conversation, but sometimes its easier to listen to the little monster on my shoulder that was permitting me into wallowing!

Its annoying and we all get it. I’d say 99% of the time I can fight that little monsters voice – The only time i struggle is during exercise (I cant go on, I cant go on – that voice!!!).  Today the bouncy Tigger on my other shoulder  gave up bouncing today and curled up into a cat ball and fell asleep knowing I just had to ride this one out today!

I will give myself credit,  I have put much energy over the years in achieving a great outlook on life, and I rarely have these sort of days, but when a problem occurs sometimes you make the easy decision to just roll with it.  I wouldn’t normally fade into this feeling,  but the lack of energy round me that day meant I didn’t really find an extra source  to kick me up the ass! My own fault really I chose to be that way that day –  but it was the easy option!

Energy levels rise – when you surround yourself with people . I’d made it out to mingle with some fellow Marlow FM presenters in the pub and that was enough to draw me out of my lul –  I was back again and wondering where the day had gone and what it had meant!  We’ll put it down to a bit of lunacy!!!!

3 new daily things to be grateful for:

1) The Feedback on my blog ( BUT mainly the text messages and the personal emails and DM’s  I’ve been getting from people telling me their personal struggles and how the blog is helping – wow thank you, it’s these messages that keep me rolling)

2) The amazing love I get from the Marlow FM presenter family ( Thanks for my drink Pat!)

3) My Father – In -Law for looking after Baby Bell when i do the school run.

Exercise, meditation and random acts of kindness

Exercise – 20 sit ups!

Mediation – tick

Random Acts of  Kindness – Its in my nature to just be kind to people – So I didn’t go out of my way to do anything , but I sent a few emails and I genuinely told a friend how amazing she looked – she really did look fab  (You know who you are!! 🙂 I also text a friend to tell see if she was ok and tell her she rocked.

Gratitude Journal

I woke up to 4 messages from separate people telling me they loved my blog and thanking me, saying how it had helped them! Actually through the rest of the day I got 4 more other messages saying the same thing.

Sat at the kitchen table for  the rest of the day…. deep in thought and trying to resolve a few issues that had arisen

After freezing my ass off in the school playground (kids had been on school trip and came back late) got home and made yummy dinner and  I had a bath with the kids   not so much relaxing,  just  therapeutic 🙂

Headed off to the Marlow FM meeting . I did reiki myself up during the meeting and sent it to the other presenters too –  and the we headed off to the pub – by the time I’d hit the pub i was re fulled and riding my usual high…

phew – back again!!


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3 responses to “Pensive day 6/21 #21DaysOfGratitude

  • Having Cake And Eating It

    ok the funniest thing is I’ve just seen today’s TUT message – HOW FUNNY:

    “There is perhaps no more empowering belief, Louise, than understanding you’re always in control of how you feel.

    Similarly, understanding that just because you’re not always skipping through tulips with joy doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you.

    Because, Louise, nothing has ever, ever, ever been wrong with you. Lots of grown-ups still like animal crackers

    You rock,
    The Universe

  • Faye Briony Pearson

    Really Lou – your blog cheers me up no end – the variety, the music, the cheer! All that effort you put into creating a practically positive life is enormously inspiring. I’m sticking with the 21DaysOfGratitude!!! Hope it will become a regular thing. xxx

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