baby steps – don’t move the goal posts! #21DaysOfGratitude 5/21

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“Baby steps Lou,  baby steps”. It’s what my mind whispers to me when its quiet. It says, look back and join up the dots, then you will you see where you have come from  –  THEN you will truly know what you have achieved. (that’s meditation for ya!)

It’s the subtle moves, the baby steps , the journey of our life, work, AND  relationships that is the real joy! When our goal focused  tunnel vision sets in, we miss the fun bits, the ride of OUR LIFE!

We forget to love the little things as intensely as we love the goal.. and then things get a little bit confused and we feel  disheartened!

See the growth of  the seeds that you have planted. I plant seeds everyday, without even really thinking about it. Then they grow and I rarely (and I mean this)  congratulate myself on what I have achieved! How sad is that? I don’t just mean in terms of work – I mean people, ideas, things I do, things I make, emails and messages I send. All those seeds that I Grow and never acknowledge / say well done to myself?!

Often when we do reach a  big goal, it’s a bit of an anti climax! Mainly because we’ve missed actually achieving it. OR we’re already looking for the next goal. OR if you’re like me, you get there but you’ve subconsciously just  moved the goal posts so you dont ever think you’ve actually achieved it  –  derrrr!!!! So the gratifying love for yourself  for having achieved  is, well… lost!  THAT’S NO GOOD, WHATS THE FUCKING POINT IN THAT THEN ?  🙂

So today’s wisdom was  –   Just roll with it, enjoy those moments, don’t force anything,  put your energy into what you love. What truly is meant to be will love you back and reward you with the same intensity that you love and deserve.  

3 new daily things to be grateful for:

1) Tonights full Moon – I know I know I sound like a right bloody hippy, but seriously  I LOVE THE MOON, I Love the way it makes us all a bit mental but intuitive at the same time!

2) The message from an  old friend that was just saying thank you to me. It gave me a huge sence of self-worth (well done lou 😉

3) for my baby daughter being so brilliant and well-behaved and for putting up with being dragged to the office and not to playgroups”

Exercise, meditation and random acts of kindness

1)exercise –  was a bit sore from yoga – so did 20 sit ups and a few shoulder balance things

2) Mediation – tick

3) Random Acts of kindness – sent emails to friends, and reiki, told a friend to call me any time – she did 6.3o am – and i was glad because it got my lazy ass out of bed and started me well for the day!

Gratitude Journal

7am Bon Bon aged 5 informs me this morning ‘mummy I don’t think i’ll have sugar on my porridge any more except special occasions and maybe weekend’  HA HA HA my mind went, This wont last! Sure enough I served up the sugarless porridge which she ate contentedly (I thought I better follow her lead – first time for everything!! )

We danced round the kitchen while making the sandwihes to Bob Marley –  watching the girls (and harrry) bopping / singing  away while carrying on with the morning routine –  makes me wish I had a camera in my brain so i could recall these simple things (the things  that make me so bloody happy!).  Family life in the Harris household is a good place to be, even if i do say so  myself!

We head to the office, baby Bell came with us too, everyone pitched in with her,  she was golden and i got soooo much work done – also got a New coat for me, new boots for Emily – courtesy of Ali! :)!!!

Watched Bon Bon do her ‘rainbow promise’ and came home for family dinner!

Sadly had to go see granddad in the hospital in the evening, not been able to see him for a few days because we can’t take the kids in there . He’s not great – but i LOVE the fact that he’s  always responds to me, always know i’m there always say ‘Ohhh Lou, am I glad to see you’ – WELLING UP WRITING THIS

The full moon gremlins set in – and my very under prepared New Music Discovery Show was about to become a challenge – I got through it and even though i was fighting a few technical hitches as well as my growing sense of edgyness, I finally found a way to center myself and just rolled with it. I will congratulate myself on having pulled a good show off!

now.. ITS LATE.. and i must go to bed..

MEDIATE AND REIKI BEFORE SLEEP ommmmmmmm 2am.. tut tut

peace be with you xxx


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