Radio, Reiki and Run.. #21DaysOfGratitude 4/21

 Join in on 21 Days of Gratitude

Wrap up the real chapters in your life so WHEN you die you are remembered for who you are & NOT who people thought you were!” … This comes from knowing all too well that many people hide their true selves behind their avatar. When they die no one gets to see the real greatness of who they really were and the purpose of their life – this leads me to say – YES, i am aware i make a million spelling mistakes and typos,  that i mix business with pleasure, that i am loud, noisy and that i swear way too much – but i am who I am and i don’t really want to hide it – just for this reason.!

Bobs Birthday, day before the full moon, a run, some reiki, and yoga – yesterday was a peaceful day for me.

3 new daily things to be grateful for

1) Bob Marley –  seriously that man has brought so much wisdom, joy and fun into my life
2) The River Thames – I love the river, the fact that in 5 mins i can be cleansed by its energy.
3) My car – sorry sad innit, but i love my car, she is called Black Betty, she does a ridiculous 18 miles to the gallon –  BUT she does have the ‘phattest’ sound system, oh and the best heated leather seats in the world! She came to us from a awesome manifestation therefore  a constant reminder of the universal pulls!  (yea sounds hippy but you know you get it!! 😉

Exercise, Meditation and Random acts of Kindness

Exercise  – Tick – Run

Mediation – Tick – Yoga and 10 mins before bed and reiki-ing myself to sleep counts right??

Random Acts of Kindness – Few random emails to friends filled with love and positive vibes and sent some distant Reiki

Gratitude Journal 

Started the week off doing breakfast show, great start to the week and very impressed with Ashburners music choices, I didn’t kick a fuss up once!

Great to see my fellow Witch Donna Thacker –  Seriously Good food who was doing the following show.  We set a date for our reiki swap session (she does me, I do her.. sounds kinky doesnt it? It not – stop getting excited!)

Its Monday, so sort of a day off for me – aka work from home and do all the stuff i should have done at the weekend!!! I managed to sort through tones of emails, tweets and felt like i’d started to tidy up my clutter both internally and externally  😉

Harry hung out at home again today, he wasn’t feeling so good so I headed out for a run while Baby Bell slept.  This time I ran in the snow, up hills,  through woodlands and back home again – AWESOME!  Felt totally  in love with life. There was a magic moment where I was running up the hill all I could see was the bright white snow in front of my feet, i felt like I was running to heaven… Very spiritual and lovely. 

Made kick ass chocolate cake with the girls, had yummy dinner, and did very well in making myself go outside in the cold to yoga. You know what its like you start to make excuses NOT to go, but had a moment of clarity while having a wee –   through a bend in the blind I could see the HUGE moon and something in me said – you really need to go to yoga kid – and it was right, I really did need to go!

After yoga, I  ploughed  through the 4 loads of washing that needed to be put away, then snuggled into bed. I sent some Reiki to Harrys Granddad and then did some on myself too so I fell asleep feeling the Reiki washing though my body… sweeeeet


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