Mind bending Epiphany on a Lazy Sunday afternoon #21DaysOfGratitude 3/21

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During Sunday nights meditation I concluded upon an epiphany I had! While watching Chemical Brothers at the Cinema on Friday night  and while watching  Roots Manuva at the Roundhouse on Saturday night I realised that …God actually IS a DJ, God IS the band and God IS the crowd – Therefore, MY God is Music and clubs, gigs and festivals  are MY church  #21DaysOfGratitude 🙂

3 new daily things to be grateful for:

1) I love the fact my 5 year old acts as mum to her baby sister, she lifts her out her cot in the morning, comes in for a cuddle with us, then takes her downstairs, feeds her and  plays with her! Thus  giving us an extra hour lazing in bed at the weekends 😉

2) The electricity that is pumped to our house every moment of the day (except when the snow comes – 15 hours without the stuff makes you truly grateful!)

3) I love my crazy mind… when watching and listening to music my mind goes on some bender…

Exercise, meditation and random acts of kindness

1)exercise – walked  erm..  humped the kids on the sledge to the village and back

2) Mediation – tick

3) Random Acts of kindness… Sending distant reiki to randoms

Gratitude Journal

Another lazy day waking up to no electricity. The in-laws (who were also without electricity) came round  for a cup of tea made in a pan!  We have gas hobs so it  was  fried egg and bacon sandwiches all round!   nom nom nom

Having drained the laptop of its last juices I finally manage to charge the iphone and get my Facebook hit ;)- sad innit!

After a play in the snow and a Family walk to the village, we got back home and the electricity was back on.. can’t tell you how good it was to have music in the house again!

We were meant to pop over to see Great granddad Harris who has been taken back into hospital – but he’s not doing so good today and the clan feel its better not to take the kids over so we cooked Sunday roast, hung out, listened to great music and generally had a lovely lazy sunday with my family. lucky me


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2 responses to “Mind bending Epiphany on a Lazy Sunday afternoon #21DaysOfGratitude 3/21

  • vanessa emery (@pussieglam)

    Loving these blogs, am I supposed to be ticking boxes too?! Do Dark Chocolate Kit-Kats, 2 Sugars in tea and Pot Noodles fit into the “3 daily things to be grateful for” criteria? Or does that just mean I’m going to turn into a fat b***ard? xx

    • Having Cake And Eating It

      YES do tick boxes… but I am sure if you think thin thoughts the universe will ensure you’ll be a skinny grateful b**sard lol 🙂

      right, i’m off for a run right now… just to make you feel better lol

      thanks for the nice comment Vanessa – i’ll keep’em coming 🙂

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