Slouching in PJ’s & rocking out in shorts (in the snow!) #21daysofgratitude 2/21

3 new daily things to be grateful for:

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1) My bedroom.. and our  memory foam mattress ahhhhhhhh
2) My mother in law – for looking after the kids, feeding them and putting them to bed.
3) The fact my kids love music as much as me.  At 18 months old Baby Bell is sporting a dam good booty dance!

Exercise – Tick (erm does sexersize count 😉 ha ha
Meditation – Tick (sort of incorporated it with reiki at night-time)
Random acts of Kindness – Tick (Harry pushed a car up hill near primrose hill in the snow! – can I claim that one?) also gave my ticket to a dude who needed to go to the loo at the Roundhouse!

Gratitude Journal

Woke up feeling rubbish, keep getting migraines so Harry looked after the kids while I slept it off. Chilled for the rest of the day –  love it when you grant yourself permission to do sweet FA!

By 5pm I was Itching to get ready and go out. We dumped the kids next door with the mother in law and got ready in peace, then we headed out in the car to the Roots Manuva gig at the Round House in Camden.

The snow was coming down thick and I did chuckle our  responsible decision to  go to the gig even thought we had server weather warnings and also at my clothing decision  –  shorts and bare legs – good idea in this weather!!!

Gig was awesome, danced my ass off (and was grateful for wearing shorts at that point) and was uber lovely to hang out with some old friends.

On the way back to the car, like children me and Harry skidded around and played in the snow – however behind my laughter  i was secretly SHITTING MYSELF BECAUSE I WAS SO SCARED OF DRIVING IN THE SNOW

Getting out of London in  was crazy. Harry had to push a women in her car up a hill.. HE ROCKED, still impressed. Driving down the M40 was erm.. interesting..

HUGELY grateful for arriving home safe.


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