From river run in the sun to raving my ass off in a cinema! #21DaysOfGratitude 1/21

Gratitude Journal 

(Find out how to join in on the 21 days of gratitude)

Woke up at 5.30am with  a smile on my face even though Baby Bell had woken 4 times in the night – times like these i just hear the Finding Nemo phrase  ‘ just keep swimming just keep swimming’

#randomactsofkindsness.  en route to do the Marlow FM Breakfast show I thought I’d be kind and collect the newspapers  to save  Tim (Breakfast Presenter)  from doing it –   but he didn’t get my text and beat me to it!!! (thought that counts ay! ) Proceeded to usual Friday banter and laughter from breakfast show  makes me happy  – do love this job.

#randomactsofkindsness.  Before going home I helped a friend out by taking  him to the train station  – not so much a random… just an act of kindness!

Convince Harry that we should work from home today. *(New Friday Rules I me thinks!!) So we set up the laptops on the kitchen table  drank coffee and giggled while we worked. I LOVE the luxury of having the freedom of choice.

After lunch I  headed up to the river for a run. I smiled and said hello to everyone I ran past. The tunes pumping in my ears, the sun rays,  the moon in the clear blue sky, the calm river, the people,  the cold crisp air, the warm running jacket a friend had lent us – I just felt so connected.

Back home I made cookies while dancing round the kitchen to Chemical Brothers, Then it was time to put the kids to bed and head out o the Cinema for a rave!!!

The sound system in our car is AWESOME, so on the half hour journey to the Cinema i was zoned into the music  that was playing on radio 1, indulging in the flash back of memories  and just generally vibing off my excitement and gratitude for the life i have lived so far

Well Chemical Brothers blew my bloody doors off! My head was screaming THIS  IS THE FUTURE  when i want to go clubbing at 90 this is what they’ll do its like geriatric raving!

I cannot tell you how my mind was blown… The movie shows that IT KNOWS HOW YOU FEEL! It lifts memories and unleashes your senses  that have been buried deep down and only normally arise when your body responds to the tribal call of THE MUSIC!

If you don’t know dance music, IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OF US then you’d have been asleep like the woman in the row behind me … If you know that vibe, the tribal dance, the energy, the love, GOD… Then you are mined fucked beyond belief!!  😉

Don’t Think, which captures the full The Chemical Brothers’ live experience on film is Filmed with 20 cameras at a headline show at Japan’s acclaimed Fujirock Festival 2011, with cameras placed in the centre of the stage as well as at the very heart of the crowd to perfectly capture a fan’s eye view of the heightened emotional reactions of the audience seeing the band at their very best. Don’t Think is the first ever concert film to be made with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, mixed by the band themselves. 

3 new daily things to be grateful for:

1) Music – bloody love music
2) My body  – having spent so many years only seeing faults.. now I cant imagine how lucky i am – the fact i can run and dance and have sex.. seriously makes you wonder why i was so down on it
3) My Husband Harry – because without him i’;d never have had the confidence in myself to just JUMP!

Exercise – Tick
Meditation – Tick
Random acts of Kindness – Tick (from smiling at strangers to messages to my mum and friends  and a lift to the train station)


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3 responses to “From river run in the sun to raving my ass off in a cinema! #21DaysOfGratitude 1/21

  • Emily

    Well done, lovely – you’re doing great!! I’m not ticking the meditation boxes so well, but then I think I’m very “mindful” anyway. Getting 3 gratitudes written down easily, and then doing many throughout the day as I go along. Just had an amazing moment of wow, life is great – kids giggling in other room, me ironing (yeah, I know! But it’s actually a lovely feeling to just be mooching in my lovely warm house, with B next to me working…)
    Random acts of kindness. Ah! Oooops forgot that one. Er, must try harder…
    I am going to start this in ernest on Monday. I’ll keep going with what I’m doing until then, but then up it. To make up for it, I’ll carry on beyond the 21 days, but I have a feeling we will anyway. 🙂 Love you xxx

  • Emily

    What am I talking about – I am giving people free nutritional advice, above and beyond what they asked from me… maybe that’s my act of kindness for today… 🙂

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