21 days… The Gratitude Journal #21DaysOfGratitude

I don’t know about you lot but February brings a lull, a time that brings awareness to the fact  that we may have falsely overindulged in the righteous thoughts of ‘my body is a temple’! 🙂  

At some point through January, it appears (in my life anyway)  that the seeds of guilt  have grown onto the ‘self improving promises’ we made to ourselves a month ago.

STOP… don’t feel bad, sometimes baby steps are all that’s needed. The most important thing is to feel happy right?

My business partner showed me one of those TED videos this morning.  We watched, we laughed knowingly and then we decided to give it a go.

Because I’m like a piece of perspex (nothing is sacred in my life!!)  AND I need to be accountable to something or someone when committing to a project , I’ve decided that my blog is my accountability and I’m going to set myself this task.

#21DaysOfGratitude #GratitudeJournal

So on the advise of the Shawn Anchor: The Happy Secret to better work  (video below) I will be doing 21 days of something I’m calling ‘The Gratitude Journal’.

For the next 21 days I’ll log

1) 3 NEW things I have been grateful for in the past 24 hours.
2) A journal of something good that has happened that day
3) A record of  meditation, random acts of kindness, and exercise.

THE RESULT IS MEANT TO CAUSE…  a rewire in your brain so you live happily ever after… listen to the video and find out more

Right – now here’s your bit.. all you lovely folks who respond on Facebook can you please start interacting with the blog so the non Facebook readers can see comments. and if you want to join in – then add your comments  on here (every day if you want) also Tweet #21DaysOfGratitude  #GratitudeJournal AND PROMOTE THE IDEA.. SHARE THE LOVE

The more the merrier

First post will be tomorrow morning xxx



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