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Be open to the words that guide you. 21DaysOfGratitude 7-12 /21

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3 new daily things to be grateful for, Exercise, meditation and random acts of kindness

Its been a challenge to incorporate the journal into my  blog for fear of it becoming ever so slightly boring for you!!!  I figure if you wanted to know my every move you could just subscribe to my Facebook feed, which I update like, every second!! And when my daily quota for that has been used up, I normally start filling up my Twitter account!! 😉

(I do use my Facebook as a journal and by the way I LOVE Timeline – just saying!)

The past week was action packed with lots of  fun. As usual, I get overwhelmed with thoughts of  ‘I’m just so bloody lucky’.

This week I’ve been getting more and more spiritual lightbulbs going off –  I’m blown away with moments where I feel that the Universe (or god, whatever you call that energy) is guiding and leading me to thoughts of clarity. Recently I will admit, there have been times when I have questioned  that little voice in my head,  wondering if its intuition or just mentalness!!! 🙂 I’m hoping it’ll become more and more obvious in time – however, for now the words that ring in my head right are Be open to the words that guide you,  be accepting and go with the good flow.

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Pensive day 6/21 #21DaysOfGratitude

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I had one of those pensive days, where I was consumed with sorting out a problem, I was head down in emails although my eyes were stuck in a permanent gaze looking out the  kitchen window!

I worked from home on my own so there is always a distinct lack of outside energy to ride on when you’re fuel tank is a bit low.

Of course a very good meditation would have helped put me onto another frequency and I should have stepped outside out of the 4 walls of my home and engaged in some nature and conversation, but sometimes its easier to listen to the little monster on my shoulder that was permitting me into wallowing!

Its annoying and we all get it. I’d say 99% of the time I can fight that little monsters voice – The only time i struggle is during exercise (I cant go on, I cant go on – that voice!!!).  Today the bouncy Tigger on my other shoulder  gave up bouncing today and curled up into a cat ball and fell asleep knowing I just had to ride this one out today!

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baby steps – don’t move the goal posts! #21DaysOfGratitude 5/21

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“Baby steps Lou,  baby steps”. It’s what my mind whispers to me when its quiet. It says, look back and join up the dots, then you will you see where you have come from  –  THEN you will truly know what you have achieved. (that’s meditation for ya!)

It’s the subtle moves, the baby steps , the journey of our life, work, AND  relationships that is the real joy! When our goal focused  tunnel vision sets in, we miss the fun bits, the ride of OUR LIFE!

We forget to love the little things as intensely as we love the goal.. and then things get a little bit confused and we feel  disheartened!

See the growth of  the seeds that you have planted. I plant seeds everyday, without even really thinking about it. Then they grow and I rarely (and I mean this)  congratulate myself on what I have achieved! How sad is that? I don’t just mean in terms of work – I mean people, ideas, things I do, things I make, emails and messages I send. All those seeds that I Grow and never acknowledge / say well done to myself?!

Often when we do reach a  big goal, it’s a bit of an anti climax! Mainly because we’ve missed actually achieving it. OR we’re already looking for the next goal. OR if you’re like me, you get there but you’ve subconsciously just  moved the goal posts so you dont ever think you’ve actually achieved it  –  derrrr!!!! So the gratifying love for yourself  for having achieved  is, well… lost!  THAT’S NO GOOD, WHATS THE FUCKING POINT IN THAT THEN ?  🙂

So today’s wisdom was  –   Just roll with it, enjoy those moments, don’t force anything,  put your energy into what you love. What truly is meant to be will love you back and reward you with the same intensity that you love and deserve.   Continue reading

Radio, Reiki and Run.. #21DaysOfGratitude 4/21

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Wrap up the real chapters in your life so WHEN you die you are remembered for who you are & NOT who people thought you were!” … This comes from knowing all too well that many people hide their true selves behind their avatar. When they die no one gets to see the real greatness of who they really were and the purpose of their life – this leads me to say – YES, i am aware i make a million spelling mistakes and typos,  that i mix business with pleasure, that i am loud, noisy and that i swear way too much – but i am who I am and i don’t really want to hide it – just for this reason.!

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Mind bending Epiphany on a Lazy Sunday afternoon #21DaysOfGratitude 3/21

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During Sunday nights meditation I concluded upon an epiphany I had! While watching Chemical Brothers at the Cinema on Friday night  and while watching  Roots Manuva at the Roundhouse on Saturday night I realised that …God actually IS a DJ, God IS the band and God IS the crowd – Therefore, MY God is Music and clubs, gigs and festivals  are MY church  #21DaysOfGratitude 🙂

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Slouching in PJ’s & rocking out in shorts (in the snow!) #21daysofgratitude 2/21

3 new daily things to be grateful for:

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1) My bedroom.. and our  memory foam mattress ahhhhhhhh
2) My mother in law – for looking after the kids, feeding them and putting them to bed.
3) The fact my kids love music as much as me.  At 18 months old Baby Bell is sporting a dam good booty dance!

Exercise – Tick (erm does sexersize count 😉 ha ha
Meditation – Tick (sort of incorporated it with reiki at night-time)
Random acts of Kindness – Tick (Harry pushed a car up hill near primrose hill in the snow! – can I claim that one?) also gave my ticket to a dude who needed to go to the loo at the Roundhouse!

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From river run in the sun to raving my ass off in a cinema! #21DaysOfGratitude 1/21

Gratitude Journal 

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Woke up at 5.30am with  a smile on my face even though Baby Bell had woken 4 times in the night – times like these i just hear the Finding Nemo phrase  ‘ just keep swimming just keep swimming’

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#21daysofgratitude – what to do

Get on a better vibe.
Join our #21daysofgratitude.
 For 21 days log a daily journal, log 3 NEW things you’re grateful for AND participate in daily meditation, exercise & random acts of kindness.
Share your journey with others by sharing your experiences on my blog for the next 21 days.
For those who tweet share thoughts using #21daysofgratitude (or just keep it private) but do let me know how you’re getting on.
 The idea is that within 21 days you’ll have rewired your way of thinking for the positive and not only will maintain true happiness, you’ll also be as powerful as superman (well maybe! i dunno!! – try it 🙂
but its all good, and its a great thing to try out…
may the force be with you young Jedi’s

21 days… The Gratitude Journal #21DaysOfGratitude

I don’t know about you lot but February brings a lull, a time that brings awareness to the fact  that we may have falsely overindulged in the righteous thoughts of ‘my body is a temple’! 🙂  

At some point through January, it appears (in my life anyway)  that the seeds of guilt  have grown onto the ‘self improving promises’ we made to ourselves a month ago.

STOP… don’t feel bad, sometimes baby steps are all that’s needed. The most important thing is to feel happy right?

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