Good friends are like stars…

Sundays… bloody love Sundays! Most are filled with friends, brunching, lunching, eating cake,  drinking tea (*e-hem gin & tonics and bloody marys!) and soaking up the simple things in life … enjoying the time and energy of those I love…
 …. my ‘Family Of Friends’

I value  my friends as much as I value my family and I truly mean that. For 13 years me and Harry have been blessed to have a group of friends around us. It started with some friends from uni,  joined  by Harry’s friends from school, few years later mashed up with a bunch of housemates from a  house in Shepherds Bush and added with  a gang of randoms from Glastonbury festival and some old friends added to the mix and…

… Shhbaaaaammmm an energy fulled group of friends bubbled into an incredible force of craziness … my Family of Friends aka ‘The Gang’  consists of a core of 17 girls and boys, then an extend family of an extra 20+

Many  years ago we’d spend weekends partying in London or heading off to the seaside for surfing, camping, partying at festivals, clubbing,  gigging, and raving at many many many MANY house house party’s!!

 Generally to sum it up we missed more nights sleep than a weekend ever provided!

The dynamics of  ‘The Gang’ always evolved, new  friend joined, some  left for far away shores and never came back, some came back after being away for years.

As time passed by, 30th and even some 40th birthday parties loomed, wedding bells rang and soon the pitter patter of tiny footsteps appeared.

Soon dodgy surf hostels sleeping 15 of us were replaced with posh cottages. Rolling out at 7am from London’s super clubs were replaced with swanky bars and 3am cabs home. 8 Pints of Guinness were replaced with 8 bottles of Champagne. Hanging out on a sunday with 20 people all in their PJ’s after a house party, smoking  spliffs and ordering a pizza was  replaced with,waking up in our own beds,  cosmopolitan bunches on The Southbank and  fresh walks along the river!!!!

However… a few core things have never changed… the love of  festivals,  music,  fun, house partys and the  joy of  ‘just being with each other ‘… (oh and the ability  to dance untill the sun rises – we still got it and we still do it !!!  🙂

Over the years there’s always been a member of the gang either traveling the world, or trying a new place to live, but the heart was always in London and there was always enough of us around to keep us all together. Slowly over the past year friends have started to leave London scattering across the other side of the commuter belt, New Forest, Brighton, Lake District,  some have even fecked off half way round the world and soon my best friend intends to move to Australia 😦

The thing is, my friends fill my life with more than I could ever ever dream of ,  the thought of them moving on has always filled me with fear. So it wasnt surprising  that at 9.30 this morning, I was sobbing over my Spotify  (to the Groove Amarda – My Friend) when actually I was meant to be getting ready to go out for our friends’ Babyshower Brunch, followed by their ‘We’re Leaving London Party’  at their local pub in Highgate.

Harry’s response to my uncontrollable sobbing  was Lou, I’d feel like you too if I was about to come on my period!‘  *AS IN  you’re being neurotic, you’re obviously due on your period, get over it, sort yourself out and get ready to go out and have some fun you mellow dramatic  dick head…  😉

So maybe I am being totally mellow dramatic – I mean for fuck sake I’ve known these people for a third of my life.. THEY ARE ALWAYS GONNA BE THERE, they are my SOUL-FRIENDS…. miles mean nowt..  and THANK THE LORD FOR FACEBOOK AND HOLIDAYS RIGHT???? !!!!!  🙂

How can I ever think the glue is not sticky enough to keep our sisterhood, our  boys (sorry *men) and our kids together??

the sisterhood… ( missing a few vitals!! (NOTE TO SELF.. GET NEW GANG PHOTO OR PHOTOSHOP 😉

hope my hormones balance out soon – and i wish my friends all the best in the world for their exciting journeys ahead.


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