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Yellow… what goes up must come down… #GlastoBlues

10 years this year 10 YEARS!!!

Its up there in one of my top 10  mind-blowing moments at Glasto!

Coldplay dont do it so much for me theses days, but watching this video, seeing the crowd shots, knowing I was sat on Harry’s shoulders by the sound stage crying because I was so overwhelmed, Feeling an enormous amount of love for the friends we were with, a gratifying love for the music and best of all  knowing WE were in this moment  (while so many people were watching it on telly). IT TRULY WAS MAGICAL

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Good friends are like stars…

Sundays… bloody love Sundays! Most are filled with friends, brunching, lunching, eating cake,  drinking tea (*e-hem gin & tonics and bloody marys!) and soaking up the simple things in life … enjoying the time and energy of those I love…

Sticking to the plan

Its day 2 into the new year. Ok well, it’s just the start of day 2 (its 6.30am)  I’ve been up since 5.45am, had my cuppa tea, meditated and decided that today I’m feeling virtuous 😉

I have to tell myself that I’m not doing anything new, just slotting back into old habits, but this time its a little more polished and a little more organised – a little more sticky! Continue reading