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Sowing the seeds of love – Thanking 2011

Lou’s top 25 releases of 2011 
Lou’s other amazing new tracks of 2011 

As I softly ease out of 2011 and into 2012 I look back to a scene of wonder and appreciation.

2011 you have given me things I never dreamed of, lay paths I thought I was incapable of walking, and presented opportunities that lay deep within my aspirations… and just when I thought the cup was overflowing you brought new friends into my life and old friends closer

There have been times that I had to ‘just roll’ and not question the whys. There have been times where I mellowed into a plateau of frustration and confusion. But as ever, each year I live has a wholeness about it – and that is LOVE. For that I cannot be grateful enough. Continue reading


In the Face of Adversity

Today I looked at the work I needed to do and then had an urge to call my best friend . You may call it procrastination, I like think it was my subconscious 😉

Now i’m crap with dates, I’ve been  friends with her for well over 13 years and I still get her birthdate wrong!! So todays date didn’t ring any bells… but its a biggie for her…

This time last year she was stabbed in the chest by some nutter one snowy morning, moments after getting off the phone from me  … it was looking like just a normal day untill that moment. Continue reading