I was lost but now I’m found…

sorry I’ve buggerd off  recently… but I’m back now

I’ve been wondering round a bit lately, being busy,  but not busy … if you know what I mean!

I’ve filled my time with Reiki sessions, Radio, keeping the business ticking over and full-time motherhood while waiting for a business deal to go through.

In so many ways its been great, all this ‘not doing too much malarkey’,  but in others its sort of got on my tits,  So I had to sort my head out and see where I was going.I’ve been getting frustrated with the slow burning process of a chunky client who requested exclusivity months ago  but has failed to actually start the ball rolling yet… so its been a bit like being on ‘Gardening Leave’ without the pay!!!

I realised the other day that I was focused too much on the ‘when’ and not enough of the ‘Now’. My frustration was getting me down and for weeks I’ve felt a wee bit lost. Other issues as well as business then started to manifest,  nowt much just a few head fucks here and there, bringing confusion to what is normally a pretty clear mind.

So 2 days ago I meditated on detachment from all the things that were bringing confusion into my life… and just detached from them – SIMPLE! I came out thinking, fuck it is what it is, and it will be will what it will be… AND LOW AND BEHOLD… I woke up to the email I had been waiting 2 months for! And with that, all the other things that were giving me headfucks  just seemed to sort themselves out too!!! *Law of attraction or what!

So it looks like I’m heading where i need to go. On the positive I’ve just had a few months off to enjoy my Baby Bell, which has been wonderful.  When she was born I was so wrapped up in trying to set up 2 new companies as well as run 2 others i actually lost what was hugely important….TIME and that I’ll never get back… and Ironically  I never gained anything  for doing that either, in fact i lost from it business and money wise HOWEVER what i did gain was insight,  on so many levels!

So this time with Baby Bell  has been massive for both of us. So what happens next? I suppose what will be will be…. whether all this hard work is for something,  or for nothing – really though, I’m amazingly detached from it all.

Amongst chaos comes clarity – and I do feel… well , clear!

Right –  i’m off to reiki my head to sleep

Lots of love to you my darling neglected blog  and readers xxxx


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2 responses to “I was lost but now I’m found…

  • Colin Rooney

    Hey Loppy Lou,
    I’ve just checked out your latest blog, glad to see you back blogging again and I promise to do the same soon
    I have one negative comment (sorry). You mentioned at the end that “what will be will be” but a couple of paragraphs earlier you mention the Law of attraction!

    What will be will be is a dangerous way to live your life, as it gives you an excuse when things don’t quite go the way you thought that would. What will be, will be what you make it be.

    Finally, I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, not the “change the universe” stuff, but when you’re feeling positive, positive things happen. Those who have regular negative thoughts are comfortable with failure; they are already prepared for it when it happens.

    Sorry was that a bit deep?

    Was @colinmrooney now @MrRoons

    • Having Cake And Eating It

      Colin, no not deep at all, i do agree with what you are saying about ‘what will be will be’ however i was more so saying that in the sense of detachment – if this deal did not go through, then my feelings was there was a reason for this, in the sense of bigger and better things are on the horizon. My experience is if you chase things too much, and focus TOO much on it, your strong positive attitude subconsciously turns full circle and you start to focus on what’s not happening and not living in the moment of the day. i felt a certain amount of freedom and peace when i trusted that everything was going to be just ok, no matter what the outcome.
      I love having someone to chat to about this – keep replying – its lovely to hear your words 🙂

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