Release the birds…

I know I am lucky… i know that friendship speaks louder than any wealth in life..   I am rich. I  know.One of my best friends Katina is getting hitched – the hen weekend was perfect just us girls, hanging out, and enjoying time with each other laughing and dancing untill the sun rose every morning! There were no stupid hen games or gimmicks, just ‘us’ at my friend’s house in the New Forest, shed loads of food and booze and maybe a couple of cheeky smokes!

We went out for a walk by the lake to a pub where us mums breathed that sigh of freedom. As we walked through the woods, I could sence everything around me, the peace, the sounds of the tress, I felt connected and in love.

As we rocked up to the pub, we sat on the bank.  the warmth of the late summer sun on my cheeks and the cool g’n’t tasted divine.  I lay there with my hand on Karina’s Tummy, her baby inside, giving her Reiki, (I swear i could feel her moving,  but Karina couldn’t – which is random!) It was magical to know my best friend, my all time raving buddy, the one friend who will never turn me down for a night – is finally sprogged up.   What I was feeling was light, love and peace.

I know its hard from some mums to admit – but  freedom from the kids does  fucking amazing things… it shakes us into the real world!!!

That evening we got all dressed up  for a swanky meal and giggled our way through the tapas and fondu! It was a proud moment looking at the 2 of them pregnant and still looking sexy as hell!

We laughed, we loved, we cried, we shared and we danced untill 6am BOTH nights! even the 2 preggo birds danced all night – LOVE THEM.. love all my friends… HOW LUCKY AM I!


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