Smashy and Licey!

About a month back I was  prepping myself for my evening mediation (I try to brain dump everything in my mind first so I don’t have to analyse the thoughts during mediation )  I was thinking about how much I was enjoying our new twice a month slot on Marlow FM with @simplyace. For a fleeting moment I thought ‘how cool would it be to do the breakfast show’! God knows why I thought that, I had no yearning desire to be a presenter and the Breakfast show is a million miles from our 2 hour winging it chit-chat show.  Anyway the thought randomly went through my mind and out again.

Beware the Law of Attraction…

While chatting on Facebook a few nights later the ower of the station asked me if I wanted to do his Breakfast Show the next day, now this is random, my response was ‘HAHA HA, don’t take the piss, you must be fucking joking right, I couldn’t do that’

… somehow before I knew I was doing holiday cover for the breakfast show!

When a challenge arrises I really do like to conquer it, its a way of proving to myself I can do these things. I also think that if the universe sends these opportunities I have to take them up! RIGHT?

In all honesty I was SHITTING IT. Then I came down with a horrid Flu & tonsillitis during what was meant to be my training. I was yet to drive the desk on my own let alone learn to use all the nobs properly AND learn how to do the breakfast show style.  but I was nursed and nurtured by the lovely Marlow FM people and I have now gained a new-found confidence in presenting – a skill I never knew I would get, but actually massively grateful to learn. 

1 week later,  I still hate the fucking traffic and travel and I seem incompetent in reading the weather, I play too much reggae and alternative music, sigh lots,  pick my nose in front of the web cam, can’t hold my wee for more than an hour, I have mentioned Glastonbury about a million times, I have crashed the vocals more times that I can think,  I have done a few faux Pas including taking the station off air during a handover, and I am so thick that when I do ‘on this day in history’  I don’t know what or who anyone is! I don’t have time to spend hours preparing for the show due to the million other things in my life so I do tend to be flying by the seat of my pants!

..HOWEVER, I have a new-found desire to be a bloody good presenter, I have twitter fans, FB fans and people listening in locally and online, I get emails from listeners and song requests and people have said some really great things to boost my ego.  

So to round up, I’m really enjoying  it.  Even getting up at 5.30am on mornings, when I can’t swallow my own spit, when my glands feel like golf balls, when my eyes are sewing their own lids down due to lack of sleep from the kids waking,  and when the fear is sitting in my throat and pooing more fear into my body I HAVE  STILL LOVED IT! 
I don’t suppose I’d have been asked if they’d not seem some potential in me – lets just hope they don’t have their heads in their hands and wonder if they should name the show Samshy and Licey … that last pum is because my topic on friday was about the hair lice that have inhabited my head…. bet you were listening in ay! 😉


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