Life at 100 mph

life at 100 mph – I can’t help it, most of us can’t – Life’s short, gotta get as much as we can in.

We are all busy  these days huh, well – I dont mind being busy as long as it has value – and as metal as it is, it’s all worth it.

In the past 6 weeks I have leaped from project to project – working shed loads, juggling kids, school holidays, planning parties, festivals, events, doo’s, bubbles and blasts and now somehow landed myself the breakfast show on Marlow FM while the main man goes off on his hols!

I still have 2 blogs in pipelines –  but even more crazy shnangins has been going on since all that and I can’t bloody keep up! 🙂

Seeing as the purpose of this blog is  1) my diary and 2) light entertainment for my friends (and anyone else who stumbles upon this)  – I’m going to abbreviate the past few weeks…

Summer holidays start… craziness… work… juggling… started to feel Ill, get asked to do the breakfast show on Marlow FM, did breakfast show and then followed on with the mid morning matters show.. felt utter tripe… got home… take Connie swimming…. by 2pm  was in bed really ill – spent next 5 days ill ( flu and then tonsilitis – so bad couldn’t even swallow water)… kids were amazing… arabella kissed me when i was crying!…  Harry amazing but stressed to high hell juggling everything … finally start to get better on birthday… work all day… go out to Crazy Bear with friends,  sink 4 bottles of champers… spend next day (connies birthday) puking…. cancel Lego-Land due to pissing rain (thank god!) stumble though the day at the farm and pizza hit… work… do breakfast show… (fly solo, crash the lyrics  and took the station off air for 10 seconds)..oops…. asked if i was sacked – I’m  NOT! WOOOHOOO… go to parents… have massive garden party – have rocking time… write blog… good night!


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