Monthly Archives: July 2011

Sad blog among all the happy ones

My poor blog, you have been neglected. The truth is I have 2 half written blogs in the pipe line -Glasto and Baby Bells blog, but both were such amazing times that the blogs they have tuned into mammoth blogs and i have just been so busy i cant seem to finish them

also school holidays have sprung on me – and I’m trying to keep a focus – you are at the bottom on the pile – sorry! 😉

I promise to spend some time on you, I promise to put a smile back on your face


I’ve become one of them…

…. one of those moms who thinks their daughter should be singed up to Mensa or something!  ” Darrrling, the new substandard school is holding my daughter back! *she moans in overly posh Buckinghamshire accent and a jokey roll of the eyes*

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