Do NOT let me go quietly…

I needed to write something for when its my time to exit planet earth, so a few years back I wrote a poem. I think  it’s a work of art and the best bloody funeral poem around 😉 As you all know, my spelling and grammar is ‘unique’ so do let me know if it needs a tweak… (like the rhyme there!!) so here goes.. hope you like it. please pass on, and do let me  know if it gets used anywhere x

Do not let me go quietly, for I want you to celebrate…
Louise Carron Harris 2009

My life was beautiful, my life was great,
Do not let me go quietly for I want you to celebrate…  The air that I’ve breathed, the  Champagne (input fav drink here) I’ve drunk,
The love I have made, into the night sky I have sunk,

The impact on others, as they’ve had on me,
The circle of life and the fun it can be,

The memories we’ve made, the changes we’ve changed,
Seeing familiar faces day by day as we have aged,

The songs we have sung, and the music we danced,
I’d do it all again given half the chance,

The excitement of life’s lessons and journeys afar,
How inspirations and influences evolved into great stars,

The imprints on infinity will always be there,
The power of life’s energy and the effect that they bare,

How happy I’ve been, god I only have to think once,
How lucky I’ve been to’ve lived a life of abundance,

Grateful for the chance to have known so much love,
An unexplainable power that can only come from above,

I could live forever, but I’d never know
…To say ‘Yes I Have lived my life’ is by far the best way to go.

So do not feel empty, or fight back the tears,
Just fill in the blanks living out your years.

With a smile and the knowledge that there is more for you to discover,
Then one day our energies will meet under the cover…

of the great universe of life.

Louise Carron Harris 2009

copywrite 2009



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