My Bell…

This was written back in june !

Dixie Chicks – Lullaby

My Baby Bell, sent to my world to say, “Oi, I know you’re having a good time and all, but you need to chill out once in a while”

My beautiful baby turned 1 years old on thursday, today we had her naming ceremony celebrated with friends in the woods with a Champagne  picnic and poems .

My beautiful Baby Bell, Arabella

I can’t even imagine what life would be like without you. Your personality makes me smile everyday;  calm and chilled, simply observing  everything that goes on (or maybe you’re planning how to take over the world!!)

Since you were born you never  made a peep  (apart from between 12 -6am!), so have been so placid,  almost knowing like a wise old soul  – dont get me wrong, you’re no push over, and pretty and strong-minded too when you need to be!  But its your humour and sheer determination that makes both me and your daddy know that you’re here for greater things… but in the mean time – you’re here to ground me and to complete our family. 

You’ve spent the first year of your life hanging out with me and daddy at the office or being molly coddled by your very loving big sister who adores you. I’m starting to realise that she wakes you up in the morning so you’ll play with her – for that I’m sorry – but lets call it karma for keeping me awake every 45 mins and pushing my sanity from the 12 months of sleep torture!

I loved you the moment you came into this world – The thunderous wave  of love hit me like I had never felt (soooo that’s what everyone goes on about!)  Before your very rocky arrival, when you were pulled from my stomach by a 20+ team of panicked medics, I knew you were a girl, its like you spoke to me moments before. And then you were here.  

In a haze of crazyness and a few moments worried of silence,  you entered my world,  and  I knew it was going to be alright.  Right there and then I fell in love with you, the love bust from the pit of my stomach and it was overwhelming – and I hadn’t even seen your face at that point!

Our vulnerability and the crazy labour that couldn’t have been futher from the home water birth and ‘birthing party’ ( I had planned to get my girls friends round for a labour party, play tunes and dance you out!!!) I had hoped and meditated on it for 9 months… but to hell with it  – you got here,  and hey,  we got to glasto 5 days later! hooraaaa

Here is the song that I played loud on repeat on the way to the hospital and it went round my head though the entire labour / birth!!! NOT quite the peaceful and spiritual playlist connie was born to.. but it does make me smile!

I thank you for so much, for all the smiles and laughter you have given us this year. Your strong personality has made us realise that all the overly strict rules we had for Connie  soon went out the window! For instance, no matter how hard we tried to hold out weaning you, your early awareness prevailed! from 2 and half months old you looked at us, then looked at our food or drink, then you would look back at us again, with great big confused eyes almost saying to us’ “What have you got that I don’t”

amongst the laughter we have had endless hospital trips, but you’ve always bounced back, and even though you never bloody slept, every day you amazed with your new skills and made it all worth while.

When you first said  ‘mamma’ as I walked ou the door at 5 months old – it made us laugh so hard, so young – but you knew what you wanted!

You have fitted perfectly into our family, already with a massive love of music you were soon nodding your head and grooving your shoulders (like the rest of us at the dinner table) to the latest tunes pumping from the soundsystem! 

Although born with masses of dark hair we predicted a dark mop of scruffydreadlocked hair, but to my utter surprise you’re turning into a little blondy. Another thing that has surprised me is your mouth full of teeth and huge pearly white smile, this makes ‘THE FACE’ that you do even funnier.

 You’re a cracking hilarious kid Arabella. You are a little more naughty than your sister was, happy to be told off and the go again (like the running up the stairs and pulling the plugs out the socked and putting them back in again at 7 months old!!!

We have always said – this kids going to be off before we know it … Thursday Child… Has Far to go.

May the angles protect you on your life journey, may you laugh and love  and have a life filled with fun, friendship, health wealth and happiness

Love you all infinity Baby Bell.

and a last song just for you…


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