Torn between being a mum and running a business!

Remember that BIG meeting I was harping on about a few blogs back?? The Princess and the split pea. Remember how I’ve been  trying to get that meeting for 2 years and Connie goes and sticks a pea in her ear just as we’re leaving to go so had to cancel meeting?

New date for big meeting is sent to me… *hump* its the date of Arabella’s 1st birthday, I say we can all go up for the day – hubby says no way , we get HUFFY with each other and I accept that if the shoe was on the other foot I’d be saying ‘dont go’ too, so emailed the nice peeps and asked if we could change date… I get no reply for a week!!!

  • finally get new date , but its  day b4 Glasto – umm ok that’ll be fine… (I think ) I then realise  also on the same day at 6pm I have been invited to speak at the to the Bucks and Berks funeral industry!! My head spings how can i do this? ‘ok, get a flight to Manchester in morning, fly back to London and them go straight to do the talk – and finish packing for Glasto when get back about 10pm’ 
  • *moment fear* see the school letters come through *PHEW* Sports day is day b4 meeting
  • *big fuck* read the school letter further down  – realise that date is Connie’s a class assembly, so what’s a class assembly??.. umm read further down.. it mentions ‘Parents not arriving b4 10.30 because the kids will be rehearsing.. ooh this sounds like a big deal!


what do I do? what do I do???

Trails and tribuations of a working mum..   


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