The Bar of Life… What do you order?

Lou and Karina - We'll dance untill we drop at 98 years old!

What do you love in life? What drives you to keep on living? What makes you happy? If your life was a pint glass – what do you order at the bar?

The things that I live for are; Dancing, Music and finding the Fun in life with my Friends and my Family. I live my life to have FUN… If I was to go to ‘The Bar of Life, I’d order ‘a pint of fun please’. This is the one objective in life that I am 100% clear on.

We all have different objectives, we all want different things, and yes we all want material things, big houses, nice cars, great clothes, shoes, champagne for breakfast,  yarda yarda… But cut through the material veil for one second and really think about what drives you.

I know that having nice things is great, but I can honestly say I do not feel happier for driving ‘phat cars’ or swinging a sexy handbag… ooh don’t get me wrong, I love my car, I luurve my handbag… BUT  its superficial happiness, they don’t give to me what I get when I’m dancing round the living room to great music and laughing with my friends at 4am Or dancing round the kitchen with my girls at 7am on a Monday morning.

What do you live for? whats your ONE goal in life? Please feel free to share them, I’d love to hear.

In Honor of my friends; some of whom have been dancing round living rooms and muddy fields for nearing 15 years.. I dedicate this song – our Anthem that is often played very loud at some ungodly hour. I LOVE YOU AND I THANK YOU FOR THE FUN.


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