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Do NOT let me go quietly…

I needed to write something for when its my time to exit planet earth, so a few years back I wrote a poem. I think  it’s a work of art and the best bloody funeral poem around 😉 As you all know, my spelling and grammar is ‘unique’ so do let me know if it needs a tweak… (like the rhyme there!!) so here goes.. hope you like it. please pass on, and do let me  know if it gets used anywhere x

Do not let me go quietly, for I want you to celebrate…
Louise Carron Harris 2009

My life was beautiful, my life was great,
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shhhh the universe is listening…


June’s been ‘one of those months’ where its crazy busy all the time and everything that can possibly eat money has done so ..and in vast quantities!! Its been a ‘trying month’ and has tested my strength in trusting the universe. I hear my PA going ‘shhhh Louise don’t talk about it all,  the universe is listening’ and as silly as it might sound – she’s got a point. Since her wise words,  I’ve been rolling with whatever June has to offer – what can get done will get done and money comes when it’s needed.

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My Bell…

This was written back in june !

Dixie Chicks – Lullaby

My Baby Bell, sent to my world to say, “Oi, I know you’re having a good time and all, but you need to chill out once in a while”

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Everything’s gonna be alright

In these past few months bad news has really peaked for friends and family.

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Torn between being a mum and running a business!

Remember that BIG meeting I was harping on about a few blogs back?? The Princess and the split pea. Remember how I’ve been  trying to get that meeting for 2 years and Connie goes and sticks a pea in her ear just as we’re leaving to go so had to cancel meeting?

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The Bar of Life… What do you order?

Lou and Karina - We'll dance untill we drop at 98 years old!

What do you love in life? What drives you to keep on living? What makes you happy? If your life was a pint glass – what do you order at the bar?

The things that I live for are; Dancing, Music and finding the Fun in life with my Friends and my Family. I live my life to have FUN… If I was to go to ‘The Bar of Life, I’d order ‘a pint of fun please’. This is the one objective in life that I am 100% clear on.

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