Lifes been good to me so far…

I spent all day yesterday nursing a puking baby and very poorly husband. After an exhausting day playing nurse I put Harry and kids to bed and practically ran out of the house towards freedom… My friends surprise birthday dinner organised by her lovely husband Chris.

When I arrived Chris welcomed me in his tux! I walked into the living room where 6 of my lovely girlfriends were stood drinking pink bubbles all looking bloody gorgeous. We sat down to an amazing meal served by Chris. The night was perfect, We giggled, we danced, we laughed for hours and eventually at 2am  3 of us were left sitting cross-legged on the rug talking what girls talk best about 😉

… I have no idea what happened next but I went from being drunk and giggly to totally shit faced in about 3 seconds and mid conversation I passed out on the rug 😉 (and puked in the loo). Chris was woken up by his very drunk wife Abby,  insisting he come downstairs and put me to bed in the spare room.

 Chris always like to torture me with stories of my night before antics; apparently last nights comical move was me walking past the stairs and  into the wall on the way to bed!

I spent the next morning in bed with Abby (in her knickers) laughing, puking,  groaning. Chris walked in to the bedroom, me and Abby looking far from Sexy –   his comment ‘ It just isn’t what I’d imagined! 😉

Berocca, water, shower, puking and more puking nothing was helping me feel better – eventually had to  face the fact that I’d abandoned poorly Harry with 2 kids  and I had to to get up and face the day!  One last puke for the road then Chris drove me  home (in my car… and he ran back home, what a good boy!)

As it turns out I was in no fit state to look after anyone! I spent the rest of the day watching Opera,  sleeping and taking the odd phone call to hear how much the other girls also puked – Brilliant wasn’t just me then!!

I’m now recovering with a packet of custard creams & bourbon’s and a cuppa tea… watching Discovery Channel

I do love my life. I love my friends, my family and feel so bloody lucky.


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