Tomorrow is P. Day (and other bits)


Connie finally gets to have the split pea removed from her ear tomorrow. She’s been pretty brave about the whole thing, and not complained too much about the pain. When I ask her if it hurts she says no, but then soon tells me how she’s figured out ways to sleep so that it hurts less! She’s a good kid for being brave and not letting pain or illness get to her. On many times she’s skipped into the doctors smiling , only to find out she’s at the tail end of tonsilitis or something!

 The only way to  tell if she’s coming down with something is  when she steps out of her ‘Connie Land’ bubble where she see’s the whole world with a beautiful rose tint… to a more… red tint!

The past few days she’s had 3 tantrums and real emotional break downs. She’s generally a good girl, polite, does as she’s told and very eager to please. she’s a bit (ok a-lot) dizzy and has the concentration of a nat when it comes to listening! The only thing I tend to tell her off for is having to ask her 25 times to put on her Pyjamas, get dressed, tidy up or brush her teeth!

 This week however she seems to have found an’ attitude’ that has  left me shaking with fury and thinking ‘ who the hell are you, and bring back my Bon Bon’! I’m putting it down to the Pea in her ear – its probably sprouting and messing with her head 🙂 or its aggravating her and making her feel ill …… ok so it might be part of it, but deep down I think its something else – but that’s another blog about parenting, school, letting go of control and other little fuckers that influence your child! ;o)

… moving on!

We went to Brighton on Friday Night to see Lee Scratch Perry. Again another gig night to shake you into reality that we are getting old – too many fat bald men in the audience for my liking!! Anyway thanks to my friend Kat and Sam for grabbing the tickets and thanks to Sams lovely mum for babysitting.

As a tribute for my beautiful and brave daughter (and her evil twin that has made and appearance these past few days!) here’s her favorite song that she’s sung along to (much to my comical pleasure) since she was 3 years old!

Bon Bon was sightly disappointed to know we were going to see Lee scratch Perry without her, so I may have stupidly promised we’ll see him at glasto… umm bit of a clash with chemical brothers though – hoping she’ll forget!


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