the princess and the split pea… in the ear!

For years I’ve been gearing up for the meeting I have in place tomorrow, the final ‘nail in the coffin’ to make a difference on a vast level and do business with the big boys. It’s so exciting and just simply a pleasure to be where I am,  and to top it off the guys I am due to meet are great, and we’ve built a great rapport over the years so I’ve been really looking forward to seeing them again.

So it was all planned; head off to the folks in the Midlands after school,  Nanny and Grandad baby sit on  Friday and me and Harry  head north for the day. After the meeting we were to hook up for lunch with some friends and mozey on back to the Midlands to hang out with ‘the olds’ for the weekend… – Perfect

THEN… just as we’re packing up the car, I  hear a laugh, from upstairs, or at least I thought it was, and then it was a cry and then it was a desperate scream  ‘mooooooooooommmmmyyyyyyyy’  there on the stairs Connie crying , I assumed she’d been stung, but finally we get the words ‘ear’ ‘stuck’.. and eventually we figure out  through sobs and screams that its orange and from the box she’s brought home from school… that’ll be the lentil shaker then.

At this point of hysteria Harry’s 90 year old granddad comes round a bit shaken, I can hear over the screams  that he’s saying he’s taken a fall while at the cemetery and hurt his head (he goes to see his wife there every day and has done for 16 years)  All I know is Bon Bon has to get to hospital and Grandad needs to be looked after, and Arabella who has joined in on the racket is screaming for her milk!!

I pick Connie up kiss Harry, mumble sorry to Grandad  and ran out of the house leaving Harry hold the fort . I whacked Connie (who is still screaming) into the car and head off to High Wycombe A&E.

Bon Bon calms down in the car and I laugh telling her she’s a total muppet I explain don’t put anything in your ear, nose or bum.. she laughs and says ‘I’d never think about putting anything in my nose or bum mummy’ as if I was a crazy lady!  I was like ‘erm, yea Connie but I don’t suppose you had thought about putting anything in your ear untill 10 minutes ago!’ She laughs and ask’s if it will hurt and I said, well probably as much as getting the 18 splinters out of your feet for the past week – surprisingly she’s ok with this.

I put in 1 hour on the meter at the hospital car park thinking that was a sure message to the universe to ensure im out by 7.09!

… 7.09 comes and goes, and Harry arrives having left baby Bell in bed with his folks babysitting. We Finally see the nurse, she says it too far wedged in and wants the Doctor to have a go. Half hour later the Doc comes in with  some giant tweezers, he has a go, he digs around,  Bon Bon freaks out -its hurts and it goes further in…

So off to another room we go.  I prep her, ‘tell me your brave girl and squeeze my hand ‘ she says sadly ‘ I’m not a brave girl mummy’ we have a good old pep talk abour how she IS brave and it has to come out. She asks why and I say ‘well how much do you love music?’ and she throws her hands as wide as possible, and I say ‘well if you want to make sure you can always hear music, then it has to come out’,  She tells me she’s going to be brave and lies on the bed.  Out comes the sucker, into her ear and she really IS brave, but it’s too much for her  and she REALLY screams -( and then tears well up in my eyes, because I know it really hurts and she really is trying to be brave) Another doctor comes and has a go.. again more tears and another concerned doctors face. 😦

They tell us we have to come in tomorrow to see the ENT specialists who have better equipment. My heart sinks, but in a way I’m glad they won’t poke her any more, because now we can’t even see the bloody thing it’s so far wedge in her ear and I’m not convinced that it’s just tweezers that going to get it out.

The docs says I should go to my meeting tomorrow and leave Harry to deal with it,  I ask what if they can’t get it out  – he said  they will get it out even if they have to put her under a General Anesthetic … At that point I know I’m defiantly not going to the meeting tomorrow. I can’t at all know that there is a tiny possibility that she will go under I HAVE TO BE THERE…

sooo…….. we wait and see

This does take me back to when Bon Bon was 22 months old and 4 hunky firemen had to come and cut a training loo seat off her head…  and then the fire men called the press…;O)



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