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 Got this off my best friend – made me laugh my socks off… thanks Bandy Boo


What balls can I keep hold of?

..Every day I'm a... Jugglin!

So I have 3 days in which to prepare 3 presentations, get to a couple of meetings, finalise 2 jobs, finalise the Sentiment marketing material AND read 100 emails. I also desperately need to sort this house out… all the glossing I put my heart and soul into 2 years ago is now chipped and looking tired, the windows need doing, the garden is a mess … oooh and guess what It’s half Term… AGAIN??!!!! .. so to add to that list is Swimming, Picnic and Jungle Mania!!!

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Lifes been good to me so far…

I spent all day yesterday nursing a puking baby and very poorly husband. After an exhausting day playing nurse I put Harry and kids to bed and practically ran out of the house towards freedom… My friends surprise birthday dinner organised by her lovely husband Chris.

When I arrived Chris welcomed me in his tux! I walked into the living room where 6 of my lovely girlfriends were stood drinking pink bubbles all looking bloody gorgeous. We sat down to an amazing meal served by Chris. The night was perfect, We giggled, we danced, we laughed for hours and eventually at 2am  3 of us were left sitting cross-legged on the rug talking what girls talk best about 😉

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mummy rage, tiny tantrums, and a worm!

Appropriate song!

This week is what you would call ‘one of those weeks’

I generally keep a positive twist on everything that goes a bit ‘tits up’.  I’m quite good at seeing a silver lining and being all  ‘la la la’ when things don’t go my way and it really takes a lot to bother me; angry drivers, rude people, work issues, money etc all seem wash over me and I feel great for it.

I belive in the Law of Attraction and all that spiritual stuff so I try not to feed a negative situation. If everything  seems to be against me then it’s normally a sign to stop and think… ‘why is this happening and what is it telling me?’ Normally it’s because I’m not listening to my true self or, the things that are going wrong are distractions for the greater good!

Sooo anyway… time to admit.. I may have, a little bit, slightly lost it for a little bit ( a lot)  this week.

Dont fuck with mum!

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Connie Bon Bon 15 minutes old 2006


I know it’s just a little anaesthetic, it’s no big deal, there’s no operation to worry about so why am still stood here worried sick. We all walked over to the other side of the hospital to meet the anesthetist , Connie in her little hospital gown, knickers poking out and pink sandles on,  holding her daddy’s hand  – she looks so small next to him,  yet so grown up. 

It all feels too precious. What if she reacts badly to the General anaesthetic, what if I actually lose her?

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Tomorrow is P. Day (and other bits)


Connie finally gets to have the split pea removed from her ear tomorrow. She’s been pretty brave about the whole thing, and not complained too much about the pain. When I ask her if it hurts she says no, but then soon tells me how she’s figured out ways to sleep so that it hurts less! She’s a good kid for being brave and not letting pain or illness get to her. On many times she’s skipped into the doctors smiling , only to find out she’s at the tail end of tonsilitis or something!

 The only way to  tell if she’s coming down with something is  when she steps out of her ‘Connie Land’ bubble where she see’s the whole world with a beautiful rose tint… to a more… red tint!

The past few days she’s had 3 tantrums and real emotional break downs. She’s generally a good girl, polite, does as she’s told and very eager to please. she’s a bit (ok a-lot) dizzy and has the concentration of a nat when it comes to listening! The only thing I tend to tell her off for is having to ask her 25 times to put on her Pyjamas, get dressed, tidy up or brush her teeth!

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the princess and the split pea… in the ear!

For years I’ve been gearing up for the meeting I have in place tomorrow, the final ‘nail in the coffin’ to make a difference on a vast level and do business with the big boys. It’s so exciting and just simply a pleasure to be where I am,  and to top it off the guys I am due to meet are great, and we’ve built a great rapport over the years so I’ve been really looking forward to seeing them again.

So it was all planned; head off to the folks in the Midlands after school,  Nanny and Grandad baby sit on  Friday and me and Harry  head north for the day. After the meeting we were to hook up for lunch with some friends and mozey on back to the Midlands to hang out with ‘the olds’ for the weekend… – Perfect

THEN… just as we’re packing up the car, I  hear a laugh, from upstairs, or at least I thought it was, and then it was a cry and then it was a desperate scream  ‘mooooooooooommmmmyyyyyyyy’  there on the stairs Connie crying , I assumed she’d been stung, but finally we get the words ‘ear’ ‘stuck’.. and eventually we figure out  through sobs and screams that its orange and from the box she’s brought home from school… that’ll be the lentil shaker then.

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