Glasto – From Beer to Babies and so much more…

Its April and the Glasto Planning has started! As well assessing the weather predictions (rain by the way), we’ve also been assessing our plans now the kids are a bigger this year !

Since 2000 Come rain or shine (or children), we make our pilgrimage for 5 days of festivaling at the greatest festival in the world. Not even an emergency C-section stopped me going last year (see my Glastonbury Festival with new born baby story here). 

Last year,  5 days after Arabella made her dramatic entrance to the world, we found ourselves pitched up in the family field (Having been escorted on site by a very nice steward via the main farm – we even saw Michael Evis in his jeep!)  Anyway, there we were in 30 degrees heat ready for 5 days of fun in the sun!

Glasto is one of  the highlights of the year for our us and the kidz now, the excitement never actually leaves us.  2011 will be Connie’s (4 years old) 5th Glasto  and  Arabella’s (10 months old) 2nd Glasto!  That’s more than most of our friends!!!

Glasto Baby

Connie  woke up this morning sobbing her heart out, “Mummy have you been to Glastonbury and come back, I’ve missed it all, I’m so sad you went without me”…  It was a mix up of a bad dream and a bit of confusion.  She had overheard me and Harry talking about our Glastonbury plans to our friends.  We said, “We’ll set off in the middle of the night, pop the kidz in the car about 3am and when they wake up they’ll be at Glasto…” (These plans are made with the idea that if we are early enough we’ll be able to grab a pitch in the Cockmill Meadow family field).  Poor  Connie thought that we were leaving that night, and she told us she went to bed so excited that Glastonbury was tomorrow!  So you can understand her disappointment at waking up in her own bed still!  We now have to count the days down to Glasto for her  :)

 As much as we joked about leaving the kids at home this year and running free for 5 days with our non-baby friends, the truth is we’d love it for a day but the guilt of having not taken them would soon set in, plus Connie would never ever forgive us!!!

 If you are interested in taking the kids, babies or teenagers to a festival please have a read of the Festival Kidz Blog – fantastic blog and shop with all the info you need

3 Generations at glasto 2010


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