Om Shanti over Champagne

crazy bear pool and terrace

I  had a real ‘grrr I hate you moment’ today I don’t have them very often because I don’t normally allow myself to feel that way,  if someone is trying to lay their negative vibes my way the best way to deal with it  is not to  feed it and turn away –  I know this, I tell people this all the time and in effect I rarely have anyone negative in my life anymore. Lucky me,  I have now attracted such an amazing positive circle and network of people around me that life is a ‘positively perfect little bubble’ -anyone who threatens to burst it with a crap attitude I subtly wead out ;O)

Funny how when a ‘grrr’ moment happens these days , it’s so rare that  it actually seems so much more heightened.   Years ago I’d deal with this sort of feeling daily when working in a terrible negative work environment, but now I have created a world where I don’t have to deal with that and I love it – so its always a shake up when I get that feeling.

Anyway, I did my usual  ‘try to see from their point of view, smile and think happy thoughts of that person’ trick ….it didn’t work.. I was fuming and I had to stop this feeling right way .  Sometimes there is only 1 answer…

…Om Shanti over Champagne 🙂

We headed off to Crazy Bear for  bubbles, chilled by the pool in the sun, surrounded by positive people, laughter and lightheartedness –  a guaranteed fix, puts you right back on track  to enjoying the ride.

Om Shanti


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