Social Media Identity Crisis

A  friend  who I met through business networking some years back told me off for swearing too much on Facebook last week (granted I was over excited that Paul Simon is playing Glasto and I do have a profile pic with a great big F word on)  However It highlighted the work / social /  Facebook mishmash that had been brought up with other people.

I have about 430  friends on my Facebook and I’d say 40 are people I have a ‘professional’ relationship with. A few years back I set up a  ‘Professional Louise’  Facebook profile, but I found it very hard to manage.  I was trying to be 2 people and I’m better at being just 1! So I sent an email out  inviting a few over to ‘my dark side’.

Facebook for me is social, and for those who I foresee a long term relationship I open my Facebook door.  For each business I have seperate  twitter accounts and facebook pages because that is work and not everyone wants to hear about funerals ;o) but Facebook is for fun.

I’ve learnt over the years that people do business with you because they like and trust you. When I first set out 5 years ago I used to network in a suit,  I looked weird,  I felt weird and probably was weird! After a few months  people started to get to know me so I threw out the  mask,  then everything fell into place.

I’m not saying don’t be  professional – I don’t meet people and say hey ‘ I’m Louise nice to fucking meet you’!!!  When I’m with clients I am whatever they NEED me to be… But with Facebook  I am who I am!

 So I posted this up on Facebook last week and got a fantastic response –


 I have one image, and that’s me! I don’t have a professional image or a personal image… just me.

There are a few people I liaise professionally with that I have invited into my facebook because our relationships are more than fake smiles over a networking coffee. A blended profile is more natural and more manageable.

 I have 429 friends on facebook – if I have invited you to be friends with me it’s because I’m happy for you to know who I am. The fact is I am a bloody brilliant business woman ;O) so if you don’t like my occasional use of bad language and typos then please take a hike over to someone else’s boring facebook profile! ;o)

I’m not saying this works for everyone, it just works for me – it would be interesting to hear if you are a social networking chameleon, a Gemini, or you are who you say you are?


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