So much love in a little heart

From about 12 months old Bon Bon has expressed how much she loves us with an unusual amount of cuddles and kisses.   We’d be watching telly cuddling on the sofa when she was just a  baby and she’s turn around and touch my face and kiss me out of the blue! I used to think, bloody hell what goes through that babies mind to feel such love .

From about 16 months old  she started to comfort me and mother me!  Its weird – she’d get into bed and I’d cuddle her in the crook of my arm and before I knew it she worked her arms round so I was in the crook of her arms! I’m not kidding – this would happen every morning!

She was probably my mother in a previous life!  But its more than that, there is something so deep-rooted in this kid that gives pure love. It’s not just for me, she is like it with most people. Today she gave the handy man a card and the carpet cleaning man a drawing!

 The older she gets the more she oozes love – don’t get me wrong she has her moments… For a start she’s got the concentration of a nat! So when it comes to doing anything like getting  ready I have to ask her about 20 times! Also she crys with frustration, it drives me fecking mental (although I know I was exactly the same when I was a kid)

 I shouted at her this evening and went upstairs a few minutes later to say sorry for shouting – As I walked in the room she was *get this* already HOLDING HER ARMS OUT and before I even opened my mouth she said  ‘ I love you so so so much mummy, even when you are cross’.  I laughed and said ‘I’m sorry for shouting at you babe’, and she said ‘Mummy you don’t have to say sorry, I’ll always love you!


She is one cool kid and I do love her very much as do most people. I’d like to say she keeps all this love just for me, but  she doesn’t – its free to anyone she meets 🙂

You've got the love


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