Staggering through a right of passage

we don’t sleep when the sun goes down, we don’t waist our precious time…

Turning 30 is a big thing theses days. In our peer group its a ‘right of passage’ and the best way to turn 30 is to prove you’ve still
 ‘got it’ … That means partying hard and staying up to watch the sun rise no matter what!

OK so it wasnt my 30th, I had my glory 18 months ago – this time  last week it was Harry’s. Its mind-blowing that he’s only just turned 30 – he’s looked  30 since we first started seeing each other when he was 17!  

 Harry’s birthday was celebrated with us leaving the kidz at lunch, the sun was shining, the roof came off and we bombed down the motorway into town with the tunes blaring, chain-smoking ( it’s just a rebellious thing we do when we smell freedom from the kidz)

We booked out the same suite that we had for my 3oth at Plaza on the River.  We love it because it has great views and loads of space,  a lush bedroom,  bathroom and balcony and a massive open plan area  to pop open the bubbles and chill with friends untill going out time.

city views

We dumped our stuff, put all the bubbles in the fridge and went shopping in Covent Garden high on life and excited about the party. We  met up for lunch with Harry’s best mate Sharky then we walked along  the river making our way to Waterloo where sharky had a prezzie for Harry (a Brewing kit!) We walked through Leak street tunnel, I’d never seen it before and it pretty freaking cool to see, although you can’t seem to walk out of there without being high as a kite on fumes!

We headed back to the suite for 5pm, sank 4 bottles of bubbles with a bunch of friends, and once again we were blessed with a beautiful sunset across the city. We felt so lucky – for everything.  Before we knew it, it was party time  🙂

the city gives us another birthday sunset

We cabbed it overt to the The Driver Kings Cross, – We love this venue because it its all sexy and boutique , but also has a kick ass sound system and an amazing roof garden. George set up the decks and after a few hic-ups the tunes were pumping, friends started rolling in,  the drinks were flowing and  love was in the air! phew we hit our £1,000 in bar spend by 11.30pm :O)

 Harry had a blast and I could tell he was slightly overwhelmed that loads of his mates turned up to party with him. To be honest I was overwhelmed too. Friends from all parts of Harry’s life came, it was so lovely and quite impressive as most people have kids and live out of london. We even had 2 friends fly in from Edinburgh!

We danced untill 4am and just gushed at the effort everyone had made to come. Lots of people hadn’t seen each other for years so there was  lots of hugging and kissing and ‘ i fucking love yooous’ by the time the night was out!  At 4.30am we were  heading back to the hotel,  our friends stayed with us untill 6.30am so they could get the 8am Bedford Train Home –  HEROS!

As the night started to look like day we sat on the balcony and looked out to the city – again overwhelmed at an amazing day/Night filled with amazing friends and obviously this could only happen because my mom and harrys mom had the kidz.

We headed off to bed – 4 hours later, 2 rehydration sachet, 4 Adadin Extra and 2 big bottles of water we were heading back  up the motorway to spend mothers day with the parents and kidz!

Super memories, lots of love to my amazing Hubby – The last tune I remember being played at the party  was this I was lying on Harry’s Lap waving my arms in the air just before 4am  – but found the energy to get back up there and dance some more such fun!


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