Friends of the Woo

Its bloody beautiful, all week the sun has been out and what a difference its made to everyone. yesterday our friends  put the  BBQ on pulled out the paddling pool and invited the whole gang over . We brought  beer, bubbles, and rum and proceeded to have a dam good time!

14 adults and 16 kids it was pure wonderful mayhem.  These are my friends of  ‘The Woo’ we all met 5 + years go when we were first pregnant, over those years we have built amazing friendships having been through lots of amazing times and a few tough ones too. Us girls obviously have great bonds but over the past few years the boys have started hanging  out with each other too – they call it ‘Man Club’!  Its cute.

The BBQ was mental, kids running wild and most of the adults half cut before the Grand National even started. I had ‘a moment’ as we all gathered round the TV , kidz screaming, adults screaming, everyone laughing and cheering their horses on – I just welled up with tears – I don’t know what I did to get such amazing friends in my life.

Just after I had ‘my moment’  Sarah took this pic – it will always make me smile and fill me with gratitude of the friends we have.


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