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Glasto – From Beer to Babies and so much more…

Its April and the Glasto Planning has started! As well assessing the weather predictions (rain by the way), we’ve also been assessing our plans now the kids are a bigger this year !

Since 2000 Come rain or shine (or children), we make our pilgrimage for 5 days of festivaling at the greatest festival in the world. Not even an emergency C-section stopped me going last year (see my Glastonbury Festival with new born baby story here). 

Last year,  5 days after Arabella made her dramatic entrance to the world, we found ourselves pitched up in the family field (Having been escorted on site by a very nice steward via the main farm – we even saw Michael Evis in his jeep!)  Anyway, there we were in 30 degrees heat ready for 5 days of fun in the sun!

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Dealing with negative people

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” ~Dalai Lama

Ok, so we all know that positive people create positive lives, and negative people dig themselves a hole of misery and blame the world! You can try to help, listen to their problems, take on their worries, offer soloutions, ideas and advice. However, you can take the horse to water BUT you can’t make it drink!  So what do you do?  You’ve tried,  you’ve put your energy in, you’ve given your time,  you’ve helped as much as you can –  but they don’t drink!

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Om Shanti over Champagne

crazy bear pool and terrace

I  had a real ‘grrr I hate you moment’ today I don’t have them very often because I don’t normally allow myself to feel that way,  if someone is trying to lay their negative vibes my way the best way to deal with it  is not to  feed it and turn away –  I know this, I tell people this all the time and in effect I rarely have anyone negative in my life anymore. Lucky me,  I have now attracted such an amazing positive circle and network of people around me that life is a ‘positively perfect little bubble’ -anyone who threatens to burst it with a crap attitude I subtly wead out ;O)

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There must be some kind of way out of here

There must be some kind of way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
Theres too much confusion….

feeling a bit overwhelmed, so much to do and no way to do it! When I’m feeling like I have 300 emails, 2 kidS crawling up my legs, and my phone doenst stop ever,   I Just whack this tune on and step outside

Its sunny outside after all. We’re off to have a picnic in the garden

Have a good day

Social Media Identity Crisis

A  friend  who I met through business networking some years back told me off for swearing too much on Facebook last week (granted I was over excited that Paul Simon is playing Glasto and I do have a profile pic with a great big F word on)  However It highlighted the work / social /  Facebook mishmash that had been brought up with other people.

I have about 430  friends on my Facebook and I’d say 40 are people I have a ‘professional’ relationship with. A few years back I set up a  ‘Professional Louise’  Facebook profile, but I found it very hard to manage.  I was trying to be 2 people and I’m better at being just 1! So I sent an email out  inviting a few over to ‘my dark side’.

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Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Today I am allowing you to let go for 4.38 minutes… ready?

Listen Here – Telepopmusik – Breathe

Be free, just for a moment. Give something to yourself, free yourself of your worries, let go just for just a few minutes, just breathe, look out the window, smile, listen to your breath and… just breathe.

Just breathe…

I love this song, for nearly 10 years its lifted my soul and popped me back in a happy place.

Have a wonderful day xxxxx


love life like you’re going to die!

I’m not morbid I’m just a realist – life is very short

When people ask me why I set up Sentiment I suppose the truth really is (by the way this isn’t what I admit to the press)  I like to party and I think most funerals are shit!  I want to help anyone who wants a better ending for themselves or their loved ones by offering something that is personal and reflects life, stepping away from the same old crap that gets conveyed out.

Life is very short guys, its a good thing to think about your end and think that *Shock Horror*  actually it could and will  happen to you, your lover, your best friend,  your kids! 

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So much love in a little heart

From about 12 months old Bon Bon has expressed how much she loves us with an unusual amount of cuddles and kisses.   We’d be watching telly cuddling on the sofa when she was just a  baby and she’s turn around and touch my face and kiss me out of the blue! I used to think, bloody hell what goes through that babies mind to feel such love .

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Friends of the Woo

Its bloody beautiful, all week the sun has been out and what a difference its made to everyone. yesterday our friends  put the  BBQ on pulled out the paddling pool and invited the whole gang over . We brought  beer, bubbles, and rum and proceeded to have a dam good time!

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